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Latest blog posts and vids from mikeybalzzfishing:
EPIC 31+lbs of Florida Bass ~ Fishing on Crack! - The rawest fishing I’ve had in a long time – smashing over 31lbs of Florida bass on 2 spots in one day. Totally challenging day with not a ton of bites but when i found them they were huge fish and totally aggressive once I figured out the little nuance. That nuance was ripping the […]
There’s JUNK down there!?! Do the fish Get It? Matt the Hammer Lays Line with Balzz - Spent time fishing with Lake Okeechobee Hammer Matt Wieteha teaching him a bit about what I’ve learned on fishing for bass off the bank. A hot, flat summer day in Central Florida where the bite was tough but panned out into a 20+lbs limit of bass and a pretty stellar day hanging out with good […]
Best DIY mount setup to video Punching and Flipping for BASS w/a GoPro ~ Awesome Audio - This is the best way to get great audio from your action camera and the best shot when fishing in POV or first person perspective situations like fishing. This rig is comfortable, adaptable, portable and light weight allowing you to shoot for extended periods of time without changing batteries. I film video for when fishing […]
What you need to know to fish for BASS with Hair Jigs – 101 - Fishing for bass with hair jigs is awesome. This is not me generalizing, this is not a conventional video. This is my experience on the water using hair jigs to target offshore bass on Florida lakes. I’ve caught a lot of fish over 7lbs using hair jigs. I only need 2 sizes, 5/8 and 3/4. […]
May ~ Gambler Gear Up Unboxing ~ JT Kenney’s Fishing Gear Picks - The first Gambler Gear Up fishing package is out and I got my hands on one early! It includes 14 bags of Gambler fishing baits all selected by pro angler JT Kenney as well as a 5 Liter Gambler Tek Dry Bag and a Gambler Buff. Want yours? Get it here: http://www.gambler-lures.com/product_p/gub1.htm I go through […]
Review ~ Lowrance Hook Series Sonar - I get a lot of viewers asking why I have a Lowrance Hook 7 on my front deck when I already have an HDS 9 Touch – there are some very specific reasons related to fishing for bass offshore that I’ve installed that fish finder on the bow. It is very much related to using […]
Mothers Day bank fishing – boat is broke ~Quest for small bass - So the trolling motor on the boat broke the other day and I’ve got the itch to go fishing….but I have no boat. Time to go back to my roots and tap into the awesome bank fishing available in South Florida. You can catch peacocks, bass, snook, all kinds of fish down here. So I […]
The day of too many 4 pounders ~ pick up my dad and catch an 8lbs ~Fishing for Bass - Have you ever caught too many solid fish that you just had to go pick someone up to share it with. That’s what today was – I literally caught too many 4lbs bass on crankbaits, hair jigs and the Bull Shad that I picked my dad up at the boat ramp to come fish for […]
How to long line for bass anywhere ~ with crankbaits - I’ve been catching giants with crankbaits and using a technique called long lining or strolling. Here’s a break down of how I’m using these tools to target bass schooled up in deep water haunts. All the gear and fishing tackle used in the video can be found below. Help support the vids and the raw […]
Punching it up, solid bass ~my boy is a monkey, fishing ~ & a double up - Me and my boy Marc punched mats for bass. We found them super shalllow and flipped heavy cover with Gambler Craw Daddys. Focused on matted hydrilla with clearer water inside from the main lake. Seemed like fish were stacked up on a 50-60 yard stretch. Got a ton of bites and caught one 5lbs thunker. […]


  1. jjohns7 says:

    hey i like this come check out my page and subscribe

  2. Carl says:

    Fishing a tournament in March, it is now off limits until then, never fished this body of water this time of the year. I am not asking where, but best methods?

  3. skfish says:

    Love, love, love your take on catching bass! Exquisite videos, including techniques, baits, gear, angles, music, and excuse me, GIANTS! Mikey, just curious, what are your thoughts on becoming a pro and putting all of your bass fishing knowledge against some of the current best?

  4. Everett says:

    Looking for a first bass boat any suggestions trying to decide between aluminum or glass!!! Please respond man love your vids and how u relate to the everyday fishermen!!!

    • really depends what kind of water and how big it is. aluminum is great for the price and very easy to mod however if you’re fishing bigger water speed is a challenge and anything over 2ft gets pretty bumpy. also want to consider if you fish alone or with multiple people in the boat. there isn’t a ton of storage in the aluminum boats and they’re a little cramped with 2 or more people.

  5. Antonio D.Jenkins says:

    Who makes your jigs because I want to buy some. Your YouTube on jig got me so I want to try them.

  6. jabomano says:

    Do you offer charters?

  7. Clay payton says:

    I was wandering due you charter. I would love to fish with you. Thank you

  8. Grant Lasseter says:

    Huge fan. I fish lake O regularly. How will you be choosing people for your vid trips?

  9. Grant Lasseter says:

    Mike, huge fan. I fish Lake O regularly. How will you be choosing people for your vid shoots?

  10. Justin w says:

    Just wondering do you ever fish kings bar that’s the only place on the lake I know and it has very little matts just open reeds and cattails Kissimmee grass where is a good place to find mats on big o to flip

  11. Hosscat says:

    Great vids. Really enjoy your freelance none pro outlook on bass fishing. Leaving Thursday for Sebring and will be bring my big stick to give you a spanking on pogo or the big o . Now if that is not smack talk from Ohio . I have had the big stick in my hands longer than you have been alive. Maybe see you then

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