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RARE MASSIVE Blue CRAB Trapped in Net - We caught a MASSIVE blue crab fishing in Florida for bass and it wanted to fight. My best friend used a net to trap the crab as it swam right down the middle of a Miami canal. I have no idea why it was there or what it was doing. The Atlantic Ocean is not […]
I LOVE this TECHNIQUE for TOURNAMENT Fishing - This is one technique I love for tournament fishing on Lake Okeechobee. We just fished bass fishing tournament and we had a one in a million clutch finish! By the end of the day we won a 2nd place finish against some of the best anglers on the lake. The Roland Martin Marine Series is […]
The BIGGEST Decision of my FISHING Life – HELP me Get Through THIS - I just made the biggest decision of my fishing life – of my fishing career – this is big news and it’s time to share with you! I am moving to Alabama to pursue my dream of bass fishing on Lake Guntersville, Lake Pickwick, Lake Chickamauga and more! SUBSCRIBE This does not me an […]
SKIN Cancer SUCKS ~ DISCOVERED new SPECIES of FISH for my LAKE! - Skin cancer sucks and it’s a huge problem for anglers summer fishing. Here are some tips to protect your skin against damaging rays. We also discovered a crazy new species for my lake. A type of catfish I have never seen before in the waters around Florida. Super rare for the clear water lake I […]
One in a MILLION CLUTCH Tournament FISHING Lake OKEECHOBEE - We fished a HUGE Lake Okeechobee bass fishing tournament and we had a one in a million clutch finish! The waves were rolling the water was crazy and at the end of the day we won a 2nd place finish against some of the best anglers on the lake. The Roland Martin Marine Series is […]
You HATE Punching for BASS, SERIOUSLY!?!! - I really hate punching heavy cover for bass on places like Lake Okeechobee and Lake Kissimmee…Florida bass fishing is terrible…SERIOUSLY?!?!? SUBSCRIBE This is one of the most intense ways to cheat bass in to biting during high pressure situations and it’s flat out the funnest fishing technique I have ever learned. When you have […]
We could’ve WON $300k!?!! FORREST Wood CUP Wobble Head FISHING Revealed - Always makes you wonder if you could win $300k at a giant fishing tournament like the FLW Forrest Wood Cup…we do know the wobble head fishing pattern it took to win and we’ll reveal that right here. It’s a fishing technique I have been using to fish for bass on brushpiles for years. It’s like […]
CHEATING Bass with HUGE KITCHEN Utensils!!! SUMMER Spoon TECHNIQUE - Summer fishing means cheating HUGE bass and we busted out the spoons and kitchen utensils in this technique video. Hot water temperatures can make fishing for bass tough this time of year but it can also lead to huge catches if you use the right fishing lures or utensils….and sometimes you have to cheat and […]
WINNING at FISHING Line BASS Challenge on a BUDGET - Winning at fishing means catching bass with fishing line and equipment that doesn’t challenge your budget too much. When it comes to fishing line I’ve figured out a few fishing hacks to getting around throwing out that braided line or flourocarbon and recycling it to other spools. Little tricks like these make the challenge of […]
10 CRAZY FACTS about FISHING Lake OKEECHOBEE - 10 crazy awesome facts about bass fishing on Lake Okeechobee that fans always ask me. I collaborated with my friend Captain Joey Berg to go thru fishing tips, seasonal lake patterns, your YouTube questions, and break down Lake Okeechobee myths and facts so if you are fishing for bass you know where and how to […]



32 Replies to “hoME”

  1. Fishing a tournament in March, it is now off limits until then, never fished this body of water this time of the year. I am not asking where, but best methods?

  2. Love, love, love your take on catching bass! Exquisite videos, including techniques, baits, gear, angles, music, and excuse me, GIANTS! Mikey, just curious, what are your thoughts on becoming a pro and putting all of your bass fishing knowledge against some of the current best?

  3. Looking for a first bass boat any suggestions trying to decide between aluminum or glass!!! Please respond man love your vids and how u relate to the everyday fishermen!!!

    1. really depends what kind of water and how big it is. aluminum is great for the price and very easy to mod however if you’re fishing bigger water speed is a challenge and anything over 2ft gets pretty bumpy. also want to consider if you fish alone or with multiple people in the boat. there isn’t a ton of storage in the aluminum boats and they’re a little cramped with 2 or more people.

  4. Mike, huge fan. I fish Lake O regularly. How will you be choosing people for your vid shoots?

      1. My bad I misread it the first time. How do I get more info on booking a vid shoot with you on lake O?

      2. It said I couldn’t send you a message because we were not connected on Facebook. I requested you, so I guess when you except I can send you the message.

  5. Just wondering do you ever fish kings bar that’s the only place on the lake I know and it has very little matts just open reeds and cattails Kissimmee grass where is a good place to find mats on big o to flip

  6. Great vids. Really enjoy your freelance none pro outlook on bass fishing. Leaving Thursday for Sebring and will be bring my big stick to give you a spanking on pogo or the big o . Now if that is not smack talk from Ohio . I have had the big stick in my hands longer than you have been alive. Maybe see you then

  7. I’ve always fished shallow and weed lines here in central Florida and I would like to try to figure out this deep water fishing. How do you find these offshore spots to fish?

  8. Awesome videos love m !!!! Suggestion for a cave man like me with little computer exp , all the new fish finders are pretty advanced I still have a hard time trying to figure them out as for ideling around looking for fish ,but I guess it’s the new way now ,if you can do a short show on how to set them up ,what to look for ,where to start looking for the deep water fish ,or even shallow with side scan ,,and the uploads ,because like I have the lake maps or hotspots on my humming bird but the graph,do not match water depth I know the chip has to be uploaded ? Been skunked 2weeks who in Okeechobee,then last week at toho !!! ,I also have a 9 in touch screen Lowrance that maybe I will link with a bigger on in bow of boat , and what models you like on your set up and why ?easy to use or difficult?any tips would be greatly appreciated, and why do some assholes give thumbs down that would piss me the flip off !!! You make the best videos ,bought some of those cool has ,fish scale !!!thank you

  9. Love your videos man, just a quick question… the shelter you keep your boat in, what is it and where can ya buy one. Thanks in advance.

  10. just gonna comment on the video on tokyo rig i think theres alot ee can use it for, dude punchin grass mats is where it shines goes straight through BAM hits bottom baits 4inches off bottm they suck it up my home is chicamauga in tn, have caught a ton on it…thanksman love the vids, im gonna check out fb mine is Brad Allen and only one holding a 13.05 so im gonna check it out be safe.

  11. I found you on YouTube I live in the Pacific Northwest I like your style of fishing. Me and my family would like to come down there in a couple of weeks specifically to fish there will be four in our group to adults and 16 and 17 year old
    Just want to come catch big fish no Disneyland
    If you can help it’ll be greatly appreciated
    541 430 7669 Thanks

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