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Latest blog posts and vids from mikeybalzzfishing:
I LOVE this FISHING TECHNIQUE for Summer Bass - There are few techniques for bass fishing in summer that I love as much as this one. The NEKO RIG has caught me so man fish in the hot summer months it’s INSANE. It’s such a simple technique and basically allows you to deliver a wacky rigged fishing lure at depths bass normally don’t see […]
When I HATE to LOVE FISHING for Bass on Lake OKEECHOBEE - Bass Fishing such an emotional sport that you hate to love it sometimes. Lake Okeechobee fishing for bass can have you on the lowest low and keep you there – it’s why I love it but struggle not to hate it when you hit a dry spell. This is the first vid of a collabo […]
3 TYPES of FROG FISHING any Angler MUST know to Catch BASS - Frog fishing for bass is almost as fun as punching. We broke down 3 types of frog fishing anyone trying to fish catch fish must know about. We also threw in our top frog lure picks as well as what kind of fishing line and what type of fishing rod to throw them on to […]
Summer TOPWATER Fishing LURES you NEED to Catch BASS in the Shad Spawn - Who doesn’t LIKE to fish for bass with topwater LURES? During the shad spawn there’s a few fishing lures that you need to have to catch bass. The crazy part is some of them are not even topwater baits but when you fish they focus on the surface of the water column! The shad spawn […]
TRICKED 10lbs+ PB BASS fishing LAKE OKEECHOBEE - I CAUGHT a NEW PB bass on Lake Okeechobee fishing with Lojo Fishing and Fishing with Norm! Tricked her with a Mag Ned Rig fishing for bass in a community area before a bass tournament. Totally INSANE the fish weighed in just over 10lbs+ and put on an EPIC fight dragging the boat and even […]
The Most HATED RIG in FISHING - If I had to pick one I would say the most hated rig in the bass fishing community overall is the Carolina Rig. I’ve run into more guys who recognize it’s value, the Carolina Rig’s ability to catch fish in a wide range of situations, but still flat out hate the setup with a vengeance. […]
Who KILLED Lake Okeechobee? The REAL STORY of TOXIC ALGAE - I’m afraid if this continues it could kill Lake Okeechobee – one of the best freshwater fishereis in the country. Who is doing it? The REAL STORY is not in the news but you’ll hear about the toxic algae blooms on the coast. Killing grass on the lake has increased annually since 2010 and it’s […]
The ANGLER walk of SHAME - We’ve all been there strutting the angler walk of shame at the end of a hard fished tournament. It’s tough to swallow after having put in so much time and really committed to laying it all on the line – but that’s the reality of tournament fishing, especially on Lake Okeechobee. There’s no shame in […]
NIGHTMARE tournament practice FROG fishing & PUNCHING Lake Okeechobee - The frog fishing bite has been on fire as well as punching but this tournament practice on Lake Okeechobee was a flat out nightmare. Nothing seemed to come together and when we did get a good fish to bite on the topwater frog or punching the grass it seemed like it was totally random. This […]
This is CHEATING!!! FROG fishing LAKE OKEECHOBEE BASS tournament practice - It feels like cheating to catch bass on Lake Okeechobee with a topwater frog like this! I’m practicing for a big fishing tournament on the lake and this is the first of a few vids capturing the experience running up to tournament day. Pre fishing, looking for bass, testing lures, it’s all here and today […]


  1. jjohns7 says:

    hey i like this come check out my page and subscribe

  2. Carl says:

    Fishing a tournament in March, it is now off limits until then, never fished this body of water this time of the year. I am not asking where, but best methods?

  3. skfish says:

    Love, love, love your take on catching bass! Exquisite videos, including techniques, baits, gear, angles, music, and excuse me, GIANTS! Mikey, just curious, what are your thoughts on becoming a pro and putting all of your bass fishing knowledge against some of the current best?

  4. Everett says:

    Looking for a first bass boat any suggestions trying to decide between aluminum or glass!!! Please respond man love your vids and how u relate to the everyday fishermen!!!

    • really depends what kind of water and how big it is. aluminum is great for the price and very easy to mod however if you’re fishing bigger water speed is a challenge and anything over 2ft gets pretty bumpy. also want to consider if you fish alone or with multiple people in the boat. there isn’t a ton of storage in the aluminum boats and they’re a little cramped with 2 or more people.

  5. Antonio D.Jenkins says:

    Who makes your jigs because I want to buy some. Your YouTube on jig got me so I want to try them.

  6. jabomano says:

    Do you offer charters?

  7. Clay payton says:

    I was wandering due you charter. I would love to fish with you. Thank you

  8. Grant Lasseter says:

    Huge fan. I fish lake O regularly. How will you be choosing people for your vid trips?

  9. Grant Lasseter says:

    Mike, huge fan. I fish Lake O regularly. How will you be choosing people for your vid shoots?

  10. Justin w says:

    Just wondering do you ever fish kings bar that’s the only place on the lake I know and it has very little matts just open reeds and cattails Kissimmee grass where is a good place to find mats on big o to flip

  11. Hosscat says:

    Great vids. Really enjoy your freelance none pro outlook on bass fishing. Leaving Thursday for Sebring and will be bring my big stick to give you a spanking on pogo or the big o . Now if that is not smack talk from Ohio . I have had the big stick in my hands longer than you have been alive. Maybe see you then

  12. How is the sinker in front of a bullshad working?why dont mike bucca make a bullshad over 6in that sinks?

  13. Robert says:

    I’ve always fished shallow and weed lines here in central Florida and I would like to try to figure out this deep water fishing. How do you find these offshore spots to fish?

  14. Steve bender says:

    Awesome videos love m !!!! Suggestion for a cave man like me with little computer exp , all the new fish finders are pretty advanced I still have a hard time trying to figure them out as for ideling around looking for fish ,but I guess it’s the new way now ,if you can do a short show on how to set them up ,what to look for ,where to start looking for the deep water fish ,or even shallow with side scan ,,and the uploads ,because like I have the lake maps or hotspots on my humming bird but the graph,do not match water depth I know the chip has to be uploaded ? Been skunked 2weeks who in Okeechobee,then last week at toho !!! ,I also have a 9 in touch screen Lowrance that maybe I will link with a bigger on in bow of boat , and what models you like on your set up and why ?easy to use or difficult?any tips would be greatly appreciated, and why do some assholes give thumbs down that would piss me the flip off !!! You make the best videos ,bought some of those cool has ,fish scale !!!thank you

  15. Nicholas Shaginaw says:

    Love your videos man, just a quick question… the shelter you keep your boat in, what is it and where can ya buy one. Thanks in advance.

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