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FISH Eats Lure Underwater Captured on Sonar!!! - In this video we capture a fish eating a fishing lure in real time on my Lowrance HDS LIVE using forward facing sonar. You can see the bait go down underwater to the fish and the bass swim down and eat the lure!!! I also show you how to fish a bait vertically with a […]
Catch Bass BETTER than your Friends (3 Soft Plastic Worm Tricks) - In this video I show you 3 soft plastic worm tricks to catch more bass than your friends when using a drop shot rig in late summer. Fishing for bass is tough this time of year but a finesse drop shot and these tips will help you catch more bass! Want the baits, fishing rods, […]
11lbs BASS on a Spinning Rod (SCARY Fishing!!!) - In this video I catch a GIANT bass using a finesse fishing technique on a spinning rod – one crazy fight and teetered on the edge of scary! I was using a drop shot rig on a spinning or spin cast rod and reel with a small soft plastic worm (finesse). My favorite finesse fishing […]
DON’T Fish for bass in Summer without trying THIS!!! (How to Fish JIGS) - Don’t ever fish for bass in summer with trying a jig. It’s a great fishing technique for ledge fishing and offshore summer bass to mimic forage like shad and other bait fish that move to deeper water during summer for more oxygen, cooler water, as well as in reaction to fishing pressure in clear water. […]
Is this CHEATING or FISHING (How to Catch Bass out Deep) - Is this cheating or fishing? Many anglers go back and forth when it comes to catching bass out deep. In this video I show you how to use your electronics to find and catch fish out deep on brushpiles. We also go through fishing rod and reels setups as well as what lures catch bass […]
If you DON’T DO THIS with a CHATTERBAIT ~ You’re Missing OUT! - If you don’t do this with a chatterbait when fishing for bass, you might be missing out on catching fish. In this video we go over some chatterbait modifications, chatterbait tips, as well as some chatterbait techniques for catching bass in summer. We also talk about the best chatterbait trailers for fishing bladed jigs around […]
Lowrance ACTIVE TARGET Install & Setup LIKE a PRO!!! - In this video my friend Nathan from Sea Clear Power shows how to install and setup the Lowrance Active Target forward facing sonar like the pros. Nathan has rigged out a bunch of pro angler bass boats and he shows you exactly how to install and tweak Active Target with your Lowrance HDS and Elite […]
SPRING Bass Fishing MISTAKES you don’t even know you’re Making - In this video talk about spring bass fishing mistakes you don’t even know you’re making. During the pre spawn and the spawn fish get into super shallow water and using topwater swimbaits is an awesome technique to catch fish and get some crazy topwater strikes! In this video I give you some tips for fishing […]
DON’T Forget 1 thing Fishing JIGS in Spring - There is 1 thing I always forget jig fishing in spring and I don’t want you to forget it!!! In this video we talk about a jig fishing technique that catches bass all throughout spring. Jigs are one of the best lures to catch fish on any lake but using a different approach to jig […]
What’s the BIG DEAL about Fishing Swimbaits in Spring? - What’s the big deal about swimbait fishing in spring? In this video we talk to my friend Keith who loves to fish swimbaits for bass pre spawn, spawn, and during the summer to catch HUGE fish. We go through what swimbait lure to use, what rod, what reel, and how to fish the bait around […]