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1 Crankbait NO PRO Will Forget Fishing for Bass in Winter - Crankbait fishing for winter bass is happening and there is one lure no pro will go winter fishing without. In this video we talk about how to fish for bass in winter and during cold water months and the lures like crankbaits, jigs, ned rigs, and swimbaits that work to catch fish. If you want […]
DON’T Fish Lipless CRANKBAITS Like EVERYBODY Else!!! (Cold Water Fishing MISTAKES) - If you want to learn about the latest fishing techniques, fishing lures, Bog the rescue dog, and all things bass fishing SIGN UP NOW for the Balzz email https://bit.ly/3dVW8Md The crankbait I was fishing http://bit.ly/2QhY4ET My fishing rod setup 7’M http://bit.ly/30ihBa4 One Knocker crankbait https://bit.ly/2Uf8E0M Good fishing line for crankbaits http://bit.ly/2Fsx0gk Most popular lipless crankbait […]
INSANE Day of Bass Fishing and There’s ONLY 1 REASON - In this video I have an insane day of fishing for bass and there was really one reason. I teach you about a few fishing tips and techniques I use to fish for bass in the wind as well as lures selection. We also go fishing and have an insane day catching a couple huge […]
The ONLY Fishing LURE you Need for Cold Water Fishing (Winter Bass Tips) - In this video I talk to pro angler Jacob Wall about the only fishing you really need fishing for winter bass in cold water. He gives some tips and techniques for jerkbait fishing and goes though his favorite fishing lures for this technique. Jacob also talks about his fishing rod and fishing reel setup to […]
This Fishing Reel Doesn’t SUCK!!! (DAIWA Spinning Reel Review ~ Eliminator + BG) - In this fishing reel review video I show you a fishing reel that doesn’t sucks! The new Daiwa BG spinning reel I am fishing with for finesse fishing techniques (drop shot, ned rig, micro swimbait, neko rig) and compare it with the Daiwa Eliminator fishing reel. I am redoing my fishing rod and reel setups […]
He WON a 100K bass TOURNAMENT with this Fishing Technique!!! (I’ll TEACH you HOW) - In this fishing video I will teach you how an MLF FLW bass tournament angler won 100k in a fishing tournament catching bass from brushpiles. The technique involves a wide range of fishing lures from jigs, to texas rigged soft plastic worms, to swimbait and focuses on using sonar like my Lowrance HDS Live to […]
THINGS NO ONE Tells YOU about FALL FISHING!!! (CHEATING ~ Lake Lanier Bass Techniques) - In this fishing video we discuss the things no one tells you about fall fishing and what I consider my cheating rig – a micro swimbait + jig rig. Fall fishing patterns and techniques all revolve around bait – whether it’s shad or herring and finding that bait on the lake you’re fishing and having […]
WHAT happened to his HAND?!?! Topwater Fishing Lures that HURT! (JT Kenney) - In this fishing video we learn about the new Headwaters Lake and @JT Kenney Fishing shows us what happened to his hand after topwater fishing in an epic pond on the lake. Fishing so good it hurts!!! We learn how to fish a Whopper Plopper and a magnum spook and other fishing lures in and […]
DON’T Fish a JIG Like EVERYBODY Else!!! The CHEAT Rig - In this video I show you how to fish a jig for a bass and rig up a cheat rig – a wacky rigged football jig for fishing cover and structure. Most anglers use a creature bait, a chunk, or a craw lure on the backs of their jigs so rigging something different is a […]
Swimsuit Model HATES Fishing (But We are Going to CHANGE THAT!!!) – CATFISH + BASS - Swimsuit girl, she hates fishing. She comes fishing on the boat with me but never actually casts a fishing rod or catches fish so we are going to change that. I took swimsuit girl fishing to catch a variety of species of fish that all live in the river. I teach her some beginner fishing […]