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NEVER Been to This LAKE!!! Google MAPS FIND FISH!?!? - I’ve NEVER been to this clear water lake ever!!! Google Maps found it! So the challenge is to find fish now break down every part of the lake and go through the process I use when I’m fishing a new body of water for the very first time!!! For me it all starts with technology […]
I NEVER Thought I’d FISH a NED RIG LIKE THIS!!! - There are so many options when fishing a Ned Rig but I never thought I would put anything but a finesse style plastic worm on it. Today the lake offered extremely windy conditions which caused what is normally clear water to become slightly dirty and stir up. We used the wind to find bass set […]
FISHING a NEW LAKE!!! PUNCHING for BASS! - I decided to go on an adventure to punch for bass on a new lake I’ve never fished before! We went bass fishing on Garcia Lake right near the famous Stick Marsh. The focus for the day was punching heavy vegetation and matted cover to target fishing moving in to spawn. The water is very […]
THEY HATE ME!!! WHEN I CATCH FISH BEHIND THEM!!! - There are a lot of fishing techniques you can use to catch fish behind other bass boats fishing a lake – and this one they hate me for!!!! In this video we catch some bass and get in depth into how to longline for bass using smaller crankbaits on light fishing line to trigger reaction […]
HOW to WIN FISHING TOURNAMENTS!?!! TIPS & TECHNIQUES!! - I’m always interested in the mental game of tournament fishing because I FAIL at it most of the time. My friend Donny Bass however is awesome at fishing and winning tournaments. So I cornered him and asked him for tips and techniques on being more successful when competing in bass fishing tournaments on places like […]
FISHING FIGHTS!!! GOOGANS are EVERYWHERE!!! - Fishing fights happen all the time when there are GOOGANS everywhere on the lake and that’s exactly what’s going down right here. Fighting googans and trying to catch some fishing in between all the bass boats trolling around. You know you’ve let the cat out of the box when there’s this many anglers on every […]
TRUCK STUCK TO CATCH BASS!?!?!? SKETCHIEST FISHING ADVENTURE!! - I love to catch bass but am I willing to get my truck stuck in the middle of an orange grove to punch for fish???? YES!!! This is the sketchiest fishing adventure I’ve ever taken to a lake I’ve never seen but it had mats and big Florida bass in mats are irresistible! I try […]
YOU’VE NEVER WACKY RIGGED a PLASTIC WORM LIKE THIS!!!! - We all have our confidence fishing lures but there is one way to rig and fish a plastic worm that by far is my FAVORITE!!! WACKY RIGGING is to bass what candy is to humans. I don’t know why but rigging a soft plastic worm like a stick bait or finesse worm wacky style just […]
WHAT was IN HER MOUTH?!? CRAZY FISHING FIND!!! - This was one crazy fishing find, you’ll never believe what was in her mouth when I caught this giant bass!!! We went out to do a tutorial on finding bass using your graph and made a clutch decision to chase giants bass. Talk about the right decision at the right time!!! You asked for some […]
He QUIT PRO FISHING?!?!? JT KENNEY REVEALS SECRET LAKE - Why did one of the coolest pro anglers on tour – JT Kenney – quit pro fishing? JT and I hung out to shoot some video and talk about fishing and he revealed not only why he quit pro fishing but also the best secret lake for bass fishing in Florida right now!!!! Although he’s […]