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2 MASSIVE Bass on 2 Lures you NEED Winter FISHING (COLD Water Pattern) - It’s winter, the water is cold, but the lake is fishing INSANE!!! We caught 2 massive bass using 2 lures I love to fish when it comes to winter and they provide a perfect cold weather pattern to cover fish that get tight to cover as well as those that suspend. Both baits trigger fish […]
TOURNAMENT Anglers DEVASTATE a LAKE!!! SUCH a WASTE!??! - I like tournament fishing but when you see a bass fishing tournament devastate and destroy a lake like this it’s a trigger. Taking care of fish is very important in our sport because it means we can continue to enjoy the lakes and places we love to spend time so when you see fish wasting […]
You NEVER Knew this About SPINNERBAITS (JT Kenney Winter Fishing Tips) - I like fishing a spinnerbaiit but nobody knows more about it than JT Kenney so I had him talk about some cold water winter fishing techniques with a spinnerbait and chatterbait while we were on Lake Guntersville. I never knew about the weight trick with spinnerbaits to DIY Mod your own mini blade bait which […]
You Have NEVER Seen a FISHING LURE that Looked this REAL!!! (Tackle Shop REVEALED) - We went to Lake Guntersville to go fishing and stopped at GTO and Paul the owner revealed to us the most realistic fishing lure I have ever seen! It is a jig angler’s dream when it comes to crawfish!!! Paul also gave us a winter fishing report of the lake and recommended some fishing lures […]
The MOST IMPORTANT Trick to Fishing a SPOON for Bass - Fishing for bass with spoons is awesome this time of year especially as we go in to winter fishing and the cold water periods. it seems hard baits like spoons that mimic forage such as shad can be key to triggering bass to bite. One of the most important tricks to fishing magnum spoons I […]
I had a MONSTER FISH in my HANDS (NED RIG BASS Fail!!) - On the search for monster bass we fished a school of giant fish with a super finesse ned rig on light line and caught some big fish but lost a huge bass. I actually had the fish in my hands when I dove down to try and grab it after it came off the hook! […]
The BASICS of BASS FISHING (You BETTER Know this to CATCH FISH) - Fishing can be a bit overwhelming especially trying to catch fish on new lake! That’s why in this video I go back to the basics of bass fishing and simplify my fishing techniques, the cover and structure, and the locations on the lake I look for bass. Sometimes it is that simple to catch fish […]
MICRO SWIMBAIT Fishing for Deep Winter BASS - This is one cool swimbait technique for targeting winter bass in cold water. Using a bass head jig with a light wire hook and screw lock you tread on 3.5″ or less swimbaits. In the video we caught most of our bass in deep clear water using the Scottsboro Tackle hand poured lure in a […]
Early Winter Bass Fishing Lures for Cold Water - I picked out some of my favorite early winter bass fishing lures for fishing as the water starts to get cold and fish turn to their prespawn and winter patterns. Choice baits this time of year are hardbaits such as jigs, crankbaits, Red Eye Shad style trap lures – however swimbaits still play a big […]
I CAUGHT my PB Bass FISHING a Lure I MADE!!! (Cold Water Pattern) - It was an epic day on the lake! I caught my Lake Guntersville PB fish using a fishing lure I made for Gambler Lures for swimbait fishing. Alabama rigs are great lures this time of year for cold water and I stumbled on a pattern for fishing grass on shallow submerged points with small swimbaits. […]