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CHATTERBAIT Fishing Tips: Soft Plastic Trailer Test UNDERWATER + (Prototype Lure Reveal) - In this fishing video I talk about chatterbait fishing tips and the best chatterbait trailers by testing them underwater. The soft plastic lure you pick to use on your chatterbait can really change the action of your bait so understanding what a chatterbait looks like underwater with different chatterbait trailers can help you catch more […]
DON’T Fish Anywhere Else to Catch Your PB BASS (CHEATING!!!) - In this video I show you my favorite place to fish for and catch PB bass – you really don’t need to fish anywhere else in Florida if you are trying to catch a trophy bass, it’s cheating!!! The Sebring and Highlands County lakes offer any angler the chance to use a ton of fishing […]
DON’T Fish for BASS in Summer Without Trying THIS!!! (HOW to fish JIGS) - Don’t ever fish for bass in summer with trying a jig. Specifically a Hair Jig. It’s a great fishing technique for ledge fishing and offshore summer bass to mimic forage like shad and other bait fish that move to deeper water during summer for more oxygen, cooler water, as well as in reaction to fishing […]
NO ONE has this FISHING LURE (NED Rig PROTOTYPE Test) - No one has this fishing lure as of yet. I finally prototyped and designed a ned rig jig that has everything to fish big bass and heavy cover and will end bait slippage when fishing docks or just power fishing a Ned Rig. We head out to Lake Guntersville to test out my homemade jig […]
SUMMER Fishing LURES That NEVER FAIL to CATCH BASS!!! - There are a few summer fishing lures that never fail to catch bass. Baits and techniques that I have a ton of confidence in to trigger fish to bite in the summer heat. Most of theses lures rely on getting bass to react to the lure such as crankbaits and swimbaits – their action never […]
1 Thing You Can NEVER Forget about SUMMER BASS FISHING (Fishing Cheat) - There is 1 thing that is a huge fishing cheat you never want to forget when trying to catch summer bass – either fish them super fast and try to trigger them with crankbaits, big swimbaits, spoons, and reaction style fishing lures; or fish them super slow with soft plastic Texas Rigged Worms, Ned Rigs, […]
GAME CHANGING Summer Fishing Lures ~ Tackle Warehouse UNBOXING (Swimbaits, Crankbaits, & Jigs)!!! - Late spring and summer fishing is here and that means swimbaits, crankbaits, jigs and tons of other fishing lures and fishing techniques to catch post spawn bass moving into summer patterns. I got a bunch of baits from Tackle Warehouse to get my fishing rods rigged up for this lure transition and I go though […]
2 Things NO ONE Tells you About FROG FISHING - Frog fishing is some of the most fun you can have fishing for bass. That topwater pattern is insane! Frog fishing is a technique of patience though and placing your fishing lure where the bass live. Fishing frogs for bass requires a focus on cadence and there’s really 2 things that no tells you enough […]
The ONLY Lure You Need to CATCH BASS ~ It’s CHEATING!!! - There is only one lure you need to catch bass in spring and honestly the way it triggers fish it’s like cheating!!! The Ned Rig is one of the best fishing lures for a couple reasons – it catches small fish and giant bass but also any angler can fish it from a beginner to […]
NOT Even the PROS Know to do this with a Ned Rig for Spring Bass - A Ned Rig jig and a soft plastic is a perfect technique to catch spring bass moving up to spawn. The versatility of the lure really makes it shine and it’s finesse features allow it to catch fish in nearly any conditions – clear water, deep water fishing, skipping docks…it’s one of the most adapatable […]