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WHY the NED RIG WORKS!??!? Featuring JT KENNEY - JT Kenney spent some time with me on Lake Guntersville and broke down why his Nichols Mag Ned Rig works. As you know love throwing a Ned Rig finesse fishing for bass – largemouth, smallmouth, and spotted bass. It’s a technique that works fishing anywhere in the country. I caught my biggest bag of bass […]
1v1 TOURNAMENT!!! SWIMBAIT FISHING CHALLENGE - At this rate I’ll never be a pro LOL!!!! We hit a new lake for a 1v1 head to head fishing challenge with my friend Charlie to see who could catch the biggest bass on a clear water lake we have NEVER been to! We used our Lowrance sonar and C Map to find structure […]
WE SAVED HER LIFE!!!! SERIOUSLY!!! - This was one of the most unbelievable days fishing I’ve ever had. WE seriously saved her life by catching her choking on a giant carp on Lake Kissimmee! I was out with FLW Pro Tyler Woolcott and he snagged a fish with a trap fishing lure and it turned out she was choking on a […]
HAIR JIG FISHING for BASS!?!? EXPLAINED! - Hair jig fishing for bass is an art form. It’s a fishing technique you need to take time to learn the details of because you’re basically fishing the lure in the ether column of the water – the middle of nowhere. Hair jigs are perfect for targeting finicky schools of fish as well as suspended […]
DIY CRANKBAIT TIPS to UP Your GAME!!! - Fishing for bass is all about DIY details especially during the early spring when fishing can be a tough game to win. Here are some tips on crankbaits I figured out and some of them are so DIY that all you need is a permanent marker. Being successful with certain fishing techniques usually rely on […]
WE Met a CELEBRITY BASS FISHING?!?! MY 2019 PB!!!! - You don’t expect to meet a celebrity when you go TROPHY bass fishing. BUT WE DID!!!! Guess who? And then I catch my biggest bass of 2019 – a PB throwing one of my favorite fishing rigs for bass, a Mag Ned Rig! We went to fish a private lake with my friend Charlie and […]
NEVER Been to This LAKE!!! Google MAPS FIND FISH!?!? - I’ve NEVER been to this clear water lake ever!!! Google Maps found it! So the challenge is to find fish now break down every part of the lake and go through the process I use when I’m fishing a new body of water for the very first time!!! For me it all starts with technology […]
I NEVER Thought I’d FISH a NED RIG LIKE THIS!!! - There are so many options when fishing a Ned Rig but I never thought I would put anything but a finesse style plastic worm on it. Today the lake offered extremely windy conditions which caused what is normally clear water to become slightly dirty and stir up. We used the wind to find bass set […]
FISHING a NEW LAKE!!! PUNCHING for BASS! - I decided to go on an adventure to punch for bass on a new lake I’ve never fished before! We went bass fishing on Garcia Lake right near the famous Stick Marsh. The focus for the day was punching heavy vegetation and matted cover to target fishing moving in to spawn. The water is very […]
THEY HATE ME!!! WHEN I CATCH FISH BEHIND THEM!!! - There are a lot of fishing techniques you can use to catch fish behind other bass boats fishing a lake – and this one they hate me for!!!! In this video we catch some bass and get in depth into how to longline for bass using smaller crankbaits on light fishing line to trigger reaction […]