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SPRING Bass Fishing MISTAKES you don’t even know you’re Making - In this video talk about spring bass fishing mistakes you don’t even know you’re making. During the pre spawn and the spawn fish get into super shallow water and using topwater swimbaits is an awesome technique to catch fish and get some crazy topwater strikes! In this video I give you some tips for fishing […]
DON’T Forget 1 thing Fishing JIGS in Spring - There is 1 thing I always forget jig fishing in spring and I don’t want you to forget it!!! In this video we talk about a jig fishing technique that catches bass all throughout spring. Jigs are one of the best lures to catch fish on any lake but using a different approach to jig […]
What’s the BIG DEAL about Fishing Swimbaits in Spring? - What’s the big deal about swimbait fishing in spring? In this video we talk to my friend Keith who loves to fish swimbaits for bass pre spawn, spawn, and during the summer to catch HUGE fish. We go through what swimbait lure to use, what rod, what reel, and how to fish the bait around […]
Flipping Heavy Cover for Pre Spawn Bass (GIANT Fish + Phytobedo!!!) - One of my favorite fishing techniques for catching pre spawn bass is flipping – whether it’s flipping docks, punching mats, pitching jigs – fishing for bass in heavy cover as they move up to spawn can lead to giant fish and be a fun technique for catching fish. In this video my friend @phytobedo break […]
NO PRO would Fish a Ned Rig Like This!!! (Kissimmee + Lake Toho Tournament Practice) - In this fishing video I test a Ned Rig technique where no pro would fish it to catch bass on Lake Kissimmee prior to the Major League Fishing Toyota Series event. We learn what some of the winning baits, lures, and fishing techniques will be for the event. Lake Toho, Kissimmee, and whole chain hold […]
How I CAUGHT the Bass of a LIFETIME – Pre Spawn Crankbait Fishing Cheats - I caught the bass of a lifetime in the last video – my pb over 13. There were a lot of questions in the comments about rod and reel setup, crankbaits, and other aspects of this pre spawn fishing technique to fish for bass. In this video we talk about pre spawn crankbait fishing for […]
I CAUGHT the PB Bass of a LIFETIME!!! - I caught my PB bass of a lifetime – a 13+ huge fish on a crankbait fishing pre spawn bass in clear water. It was an awesome life experience to capture on camera and be able to share on the YouTube channel – epic and unbelievable!!! Want the crankbait and other gear we used to […]
The ONLY Chatterbait Trailer you NEED for Pre Spawn Bass Fishing - There is only one Chatterbait trailer you need for pre spawn bass fishing. The soft plastic Komodo acts like a swimbait, a creature bait, and a fluke style lure all in one when rigged up with a Chatterbait or Thunder Cricket. The tight action makes it perfect for pre spawn bass fishing as fish move […]
THINGS NO ONE Tells YOU About Winter Fishing!!! (CHEATING ~ Bass Techniques) - There are some things no one tells you about winter fishing so @Alabama Bass Guide and I met at the lake to break down some easy bass techniques for tricking a few cold water fish. Follow Ryan at https://www.instagram.com/albassguide_memelord/ The fishing rods, fishing lures, fishing line, and all the gear we used to catch bass: […]
WHY is RED the Hottest Color in Bass Fishing? (EXPLAINED) - Red is the hottest color in bass fishing especially during the pre spawn. Red chatterbaits, red lipless crankbaits, red squarebill crankbaits, even red spinnerbait lures are all over baits shops and on Tackle Warehouse. I got with my buddy and Lake Guntersville guide Myles Murray and asked him why do bass love red lures during […]