This swimbait mod changed the way I fish swimbaits. In this video I show you how to rig up a swimbait in a totally different way, what my swimbait setup is, and how to fish it!

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Change the way you fish swimbaits with this rig:

Swimbait options: or

GOAT Swimbait Jig

Finesse Jig

Swimbait Setup – Halo KS II

Shimano SLX

In this video we review what could be the perfect bass boat – the Triton Boats TRX 189. I walk thru the boat and tell you about all of it’s fishing features and performance. Looking for the perfect boat for fishing? Watch the whole series “The Perfect Bass Boat?!?”

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Sea Clear sonar harness

My Ghost Trolling Motor

Lowrance HDS LIVE fish finder

I never knew this about chatterbaits and bladed jigs until I started experimenting with other chatterbait trailers and soft plastic lures with them.

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Want to fish a chatterbait?

Z Man Jack Hammer

Strike King Thunder Cricket

Komodo chattebait trailer

Jerkbait style trailer from Hog Farmer

Swimbait trailer

In this video I show you 2 techniques that are deadly for January bass fishing – the chatterbait and lipless crankbait.

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My chatterbait

A great lipless crankbait

My chatterbait setup

Shimano SLX

My lipless crankbait setup

Good flourocarbon fishing line

My lithium batteries

Do big baits and lures = catching big bass? In this video we test the Bull Shad Bacca Burrito swimbait to see if bigger bass like big baits.

Want to try a Bacca Burrito of the other gear in the vid?

Bull Shad Bacca Burrito

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Swimbait rod and reel setup
Daiwa Tatula
Swimbait fishing rod

Good fishing line

Went to the lake with my friend @dizzythedangler to do some frog and fall heavy grass fishing. But the punching and flipping bite in the grass was on and I will never fish a frog when I can catch them on a flipping rod.

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Big tungsten weight

BB Cricket Craw Lure

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Stinger creature lure

Quiet braided fishing line

My flipping hook

My Costas

Epic compilation video of 3 of the top huge largemouth bass caught on camera.

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Bull Shad swimbaits

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Magnum crankbait

My fish finder

Hook for flipping

Soft plastic craw lure for punching

Hawg Tech Tungsten weight

I went to the lake yesterday and had a lesson in when you stop flipping Texas Rigs to the grass and grab a topwater lure. In this video we go through my favorite 3 lures for fall when fishing topwater for big bass blowups!

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Berkley Cane Walker

One Knocker Spook

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Owner Bait Clips

Braided fishing line

My topwater fishing rod

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