10 crazy awesome facts about bass fishing on Lake Okeechobee that fans always ask me. I collaborated with my friend Captain Joey Berg to go thru fishing tips, seasonal lake patterns, your YouTube questions, and break down Lake Okeechobee myths and facts so if you are fishing for bass you know where and how to start. We talk about what type and what size fishing line, what are the best color soft plastic worm colors to use on the Lake, what are the facts about summer fishing versus bass fishing in winter, as well as the craziest times to catch GIANT bass during the year. These are all facts and tips I wish I would have known when I arrived in Florida LOL! So I hope they can help to lead you to more fun on the water and a better more diverse fishing experience!!!

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Vursa Braid https://bit.ly/2BcP8uL

EZ Swimbait https://bit.ly/2KL2ltV

My Costas https://bit.ly/2np9aZ4

The FISHING challenge with the Nichols Mag Spoon was practically cheating – the fish were set up perfect for that fishing lure! I’ve figured out some cheater tips and techniques that from that challenge and going to the lake a few more times that I think are key to catching giant fish on that magnum spoon. It’s a challenge to fish that lure in one way so having a few diverse techniques and tips to help you use it more efficiently on the water as well as showing you the trick that I think made the Spoon Challenge vid such a success go a long way to catching more and bigger bass!!!

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20lbs Flourcarbon Fishing Line https://bit.ly/2LyY3aj

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A walk through the new Triton BASS BOAT before all the mods and fishing tweaks we’ll be making to get her ready for her debut out on the lake. This boat is rigged up already with power poles, a jack plate, a bunch of accesories – but I’m going deck it out exactly the way I want to fish it. Also need some advice on both the boat and looking for a new truck to do some mini adventures to shoot video fishing for a few days here and there.

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