I love to fish for bass on any lake with a gigantic crankbait. There’s a variety of fishing lures out there that dive deep and draw an epic reaction from fish when it goes by – and these things are pretty large, many weigh over 1 ounce. The trick is however you never know how a fishing lure will work until you actually get it out on the lake to fish for bass. What we’re going to try to do here is go through a review and break down of the #realfishing features of each one of these gigantic crankbaits – how they really fish wne you get them underwater and which ones I absolutely LOVE!

Want the crankbaits in the video? Links to them at Tackle Warehouse below:

The standard in Gigantic Crankbaits https://bit.ly/2LJDk4H

6th Sense Silent Crankbait https://bit.ly/2AsYvTZ

6th Sense Rattling version https://bit.ly/2R1PStY

Randy Haynes Z Boss https://bit.ly/2AplkIs

Duo Realis finesse crankbait https://bit.ly/2To3uMJ

Rapala DT 16 gigantic bass catcher https://bit.ly/2VmCIpW

Spro Little John https://bit.ly/2VmCO0M

Strike King 8XD https://bit.ly/2Vo6P0d

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