In this video my friend Nathan from Sea Clear Power shows how to install and setup the Lowrance Active Target forward facing sonar like the pros. Nathan has rigged out a bunch of pro angler bass boats and he shows you exactly how to install and tweak Active Target with your Lowrance HDS and Elite sonar units.

Check out Nathan and Sea Clear

Lowrance Active Target

Sea Clear Harness (the pros are using this to get better sonar images)

My Lowrance HDS Live

My Ghost Trolling motor

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In this video I have an insane day of fishing for bass and there was really one reason. I teach you about a few fishing tips and techniques I use to fish for bass in the wind as well as lures selection. We also go fishing and have an insane day catching a couple huge bass on a a Ned Rig and a crankbait.

Want the fishing lures, fishing gear, and fishing rods we used in the video?

Mag Ned

Stick bait for ned rig

Lowrance Ghost trolling motor

My C Map lake maps

My mag ned rig fishing rod setup 7′ M

Big Crankbait C25

Crankbait lure snaps

Mikeybalzz hats and shirts

My Costas

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Late spring and summer fishing is here and that means swimbaits, crankbaits, jigs and tons of other fishing lures and fishing techniques to catch post spawn bass moving into summer patterns. I got a bunch of baits from Tackle Warehouse to get my fishing rods rigged up for this lure transition and I go though each lure and how to fish it out on the lake.

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There are always 2 sides to a story but it looks like the trophy bass master Mike Long may have cheated and lied about some of his angling records, fishing tournament wins, and just flat out behaved unethically while bass fishing – basically he’s a fraud. Long is a famous figure in bass fishing history and marks a point in the timeline putting trophy California fishing on the map as well as playing a huge role in popularizing big swimbait fishing across the U.S. His 20+lbs fish made the cover of Bassmaster back in the early 2000’s and he still plays a role in fishing defining the direction of trophy bass fishing as well as the Cali swimbait and tournament scene.


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Fishing lures, fishing rods, fishing reels, I get my gear at Tackle Warehouse

I have tones of fishing stuff all stacked up in my garage. Swimbaits, soft plastics, creature baits, punching baits, buzzbaits, Ratt l Traps – so much stuff. I let you take a look at my bass stash and what I have stock on in my garage – my go to baits and tackle for fishing bass all over Florida ~ raw and uncut. Do you have the same stash, what does your stash look like, what did I miss? Take a raw look into the garage bait cache of Mikeybalzz!


Huddleston Swimbait

Gambler BB Cricket

Culprit Incredi Craw


Camera – GoPro Hero 4


GoPro Shoulder Mount

Floral Hat

Lapel mic

Re Fuel Gopro Battery – 6hrs of Action

SD Card for all day

D&M Buzzbait

D&M Punch Craw

Gambler Why Not