There is no doubt in my mind the Shimano Curado 200e is and was the best fishing reel ever made. These days I pair it with my heavy cover fishing rods for frog fishing, punching, flipping and anything that involves braided fishing line. These are basically antique fishing reels but they’ve held up to catching fish so awesomely well that I just can’t see myself replacing them. They do need a little TLC from time to time when I’m not on the water and I think a mouse got to my reel handle on my punching rod setup so I needed to replace it. I opted for a Hawg Tech handle over a standard Shimano replacement because my buddy makes them, they look pretty epic (matching my fishing rod), and they last longer than the one’s Shimano sells after market. We do a quick reel handle repair in this video and you can see how simple it is to swap out any standard reel handle with a new one as well as take a look at a giant fish catch using my technique specific cranking handle.

Hawg Tech Handle from Tackle Warehouse

Want to go super custom with colors to match your fishing rod, technique specific handles, and totally custom reel tabs start here

My punching rod Halo Ti 7′ 11″

Braided fishing line for punching

Hawg Tech tungsten weights

Bass Attitude Mikeybalzz Fishing Hats and Merch

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Icicles in Florida? Winter fishing is the ideal time to go fishing for bass and target huge fish with crankbaits! I always try to mix in fishing tips and techniques and this is a big one when it comes to crankbaits and fishing plugs – it’s all about wobble, vibration, body shape, and in general – water displacement. I bought a bunch of stuff at Tackle Warehouse to show off what I’m talking about. Not every big, super deep crank is the same, and it’s the subtle differences that mattter. So on the coldest day this winter we’re going to break down the best crankbait fishing secrets I have and then head out to the lake on a freezing winter day when nobody goes fishing but the crazy people (i.e. me) – and yeah we catch a #thunkdonkey!

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Want the crankbaits and the gear in the vids – links to them in Tackle Warehouse are all here:

Strike King 10xd

Spro Super DD

Lucky Craft LC 6.5 XD

6th Sense Cloud 9 Deep Diver

6th Sense Cloud 9 Silent Deep Diver

Sunline FC Sniper

Mustad Triple Grips (Change your hooks!!!!!)

You need this graph – Lowrance HDS 12 Carbon:

Powell Cranking Rod

Gambler Culling Scale

All the camera stuff, the drone, floral hats everything you need to shoot vids!