Fishing for bass is a contact sport on Lake Okeechobee and sometimes you end up bleeding from injuries – especially when you punching for bass! Well that’s what happened to poor Bass Quest when grabbing a 7+lbs Lake Okeechobee bass that I had punched out of heavy cover and he ended up bleeding all over the place! In summer you can’t beat targeting heavy cover using the pitching technique to present fishing lures to fish setup in water around heavy cover. When it comes to fishing techniques it’s one of my favorite and it’s such an intensely INSANE way to catch fish on any lake.

Sorry Bass Quest for making you bleed!!!

Key fishing lures were a punching rig with a Hawg Tech Tungsten weight and a Gambler 4″ Flippn Tube paired up with a 5/0 Owner Hook.

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Want the baits, lures, and gear in the video?

Ark Invoker fishing rod 7’6″ Heavy

Hawg Tech Tungsten punch 1/2oz weight

Owner 5/0 hook

Braided fishing line 65#

Flippn Tube fishing bait

Weight peg for fllipping

My sun gloves

My Costas


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