Do big baits and lures = catching big bass? In this video we test the Bull Shad Bacca Burrito swimbait to see if bigger bass like big baits.

Want to try a Bacca Burrito of the other gear in the vid?

Bull Shad Bacca Burrito

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Swimbait rod and reel setup
Daiwa Tatula
Swimbait fishing rod

Good fishing line

There are a few fishing lures that I have supreme confidence in when fishing for 10 pound plus bass on some of the trophy fishing lakes in Florida. They are big reaction style baits – a magnum crankbait, a magnum spoon, and a custom swimbait. I’ve had more success catching monster bass on these baits than almost any other reaction style fishing lures. We got though some tips to fishing them, why these lures catch big bass, and some of my favorite fishing video clips using these lures out on the lake. What’s your go to lure for catching monster bass?

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Within 3 days my little brother managed to catch his personal best bass and then break it with this 8lbs 15oz largemouth! What’s more is we caught back to back fish over 8lbs in 2 casts. This is one of those days when you know you have it dialed in. These bass were staging on a flat near a ledge and feeding up to spawn. There was a small group of fish but these were the biggest we caught. I was throwing a Sinking Bull Shad and my brother caught his trophy on a Gambler Lures JTK Hair Jig. Links to all products and equipment below.

6″ Fast Sink Bull Shad

JTK Hair Jig 5/8oz

12lbs & 15lbs Red Label Flourocarbon (super good deal)

Powell Max 3D Crankbait Casting Rod 7′ MH Composite


Hero Session 5

Shoulder mount:

Suction cup mount:


Went out for the first time to throw the Bull Shad and the bass results were pretty stellar – i.e. mind blown. Just wish iI would’ve been more prepared for the biggest fish of a my life to eat it!
Definitely need to throw it on a rod that has a bit of tip because you need backbone but being a bait with treble hooks it’s essential you have some play in the tip of the rod.

Bull Shad

Powell Max 3d 775