This was one of the most unbelievable days fishing I’ve ever had. WE seriously saved her life by catching her choking on a giant carp on Lake Kissimmee! I was out with FLW Pro Tyler Woolcott and he snagged a fish with a trap fishing lure and it turned out she was choking on a fish she tried to eat. We saved her life by pulling the carp out of her mouth…serioulsy! I’ve only seen this twice before in all my fishing and each time the fish was choking on bream. I’ve never seen a fish eat something so big and seriously be on it’s way to other world. It’s suck a cool thing too, this fish was giant – all of 8-9lbs and without us catching her the way we did she would have never survived. I have spent a lot of time on the lake but I still run into some crazy things out on the water and this one was epic. Any time you can see a fish that big and play a role in saving her life is a good day on the lake, I can’t wait to see what our next adventure will bring

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Crush some late spawning bass with this pattern fishing Lake Okeechobee or just about anywhere. We run thru a day of fishing for bass on the Big O targeting late spawning fish with a crazy jig and stick bait rig as well as a chatterbait in super shallow water. These are some fishing tips and techniques you can use fishing in spring for bass staging and spawning in and around shallow heavy cover. And we got to do a subscriber meetup with James who is fishing a high school fishing tournament on Lake Okeechobee!


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