In this video we go over 2 cold water crankbait lures for bass fishing the PROS never talk about.

Want to get a MonsterBass hoodie

Cold water silent crankbait

Nishine silent lipless crankbait

My crankbait setup:

Shimano SLX

My Halo crankbait fishing rod 7′ 3″

Flourocarbon fishing line

There are a few fishing lures that I have supreme confidence in when fishing for 10 pound plus bass on some of the trophy fishing lakes in Florida. They are big reaction style baits – a magnum crankbait, a magnum spoon, and a custom swimbait. I’ve had more success catching monster bass on these baits than almost any other reaction style fishing lures. We got though some tips to fishing them, why these lures catch big bass, and some of my favorite fishing video clips using these lures out on the lake. What’s your go to lure for catching monster bass?

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Fishing can be a bit overwhelming especially trying to catch fish on new lake! That’s why in this video I go back to the basics of bass fishing and simplify my fishing techniques, the cover and structure, and the locations on the lake I look for bass. Sometimes it is that simple to catch fish – they’re fish right!?!?! On Lake Guntersville key winter fishing areas are marinas, rocks and bridges. Fish pass through these locations during seasonal movements in to creeks to spawn in spring and often times use these areas to stage going back and forth. I love fishing an a rig and crankbaits as well as single swimbaits which are all perfect lures to use when approaching these types of fishing situations. If you find yourself struggling to catch bass during these winter periods simplify and get back tot he basics of fishing – think about forage, seasonal movements for winter fishing and spring fishing, some of the fishing techniques you like to use and the cover you like to fish and get out to the lake and make it happen!

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I try to make fishing as simple and easy as possible especially when it comes to looking for and finding fish on a new lake. One of the things I like to do during the cold weather winter periods is do some pre fishing using my lake contour maps so I can plot out a plan for what parts and structures of a lake look like they’re good to fish. Structures likes humps, points, bluffs, creek channels can all be identified on a lake map and you can then use your waypoints to note areas you might want to check out and try to fish. It is not the perfect solution all the time but I’ve found for me having a list of areas I want to fish for bass all noted on my C Map keeps me from losing confidence halfway through the day if I’m not catching fish or if, as winter fishing can be, it’s kind of slow.

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