Real fishing at it’s finest crushing post spawn bass out fishing a local lake! When the pieces come together during the post spawn bass fishing can be epic! They did today not getting a lot of bites but getting the right fish to eat the crankbait and, as you’ll see in part 2, the mag ned rig. All culminating in a 30+lbs megabag. The post spawn usually crushes anglers but it’s one of those bizarre times of year that can group fish up who really need to eat following the spawning period. Focusing on the 2 ends of the spectrum – reaction strike type baits and super slow dragging lures seems to be key this time of year in coaxing big bass to commit. Make sure to tune in for part 2 coming next week when we break a dirty 30 in the new boat for the first time!!!!!

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Crush some late spawning bass with this pattern fishing Lake Okeechobee or just about anywhere. We run thru a day of fishing for bass on the Big O targeting late spawning fish with a crazy jig and stick bait rig as well as a chatterbait in super shallow water. These are some fishing tips and techniques you can use fishing in spring for bass staging and spawning in and around shallow heavy cover. And we got to do a subscriber meetup with James who is fishing a high school fishing tournament on Lake Okeechobee!


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