Skin cancer sucks and it’s a huge problem for anglers summer fishing. Here are some tips to protect your skin against damaging rays. We also discovered a crazy new species for my lake. A type of catfish I have never seen before in the waters around Florida. Super rare for the clear water lake I love to fish!!! Maybe there are other new species swimming around in the lake for me to discover! I have seen some crazy fish on the sonar unit I use to see down in the depths!

We also explore a new technique I call twerking a Ned Rig you can use when fishing for bass that are suspended up in the lake depths. A full technique review and explanation and we get to hang out with Bog the pitbull – the fishing pitbull!!!

Want the fishing tackle and rods in the video?

Dobyns Fishing Rod 7′ MH

1/4 or 3/8 Ned Head Jig

12lbs Flourocarbon Fishing Line

Sun Gloves to Protect your Skin

Fat Ace Plastic Worm

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