Chatterbaits catch bass – so how do you make the perfect custom chatterbait? In this vid I show you how to build a chatterbait with just a couple tackle components from Tackle Warehouse. The D&M Custom Baits Pirahna is the first bladed swim jig I fished and it has a slightly different movement and vibration than a Z Man Evergreen or Jackhammer. If you’re fishing a lake that gets a lot of blade bait pressure, this is a diy build you need to try fishing.

How to fish a chatterbait? I use a 7’2″ MH Kryptonite fishing rod and a 7:2:1 fishing reel. Depending on cover I’ll fish it on 40-50lbs braided fishing line or 18lbs flourocarbon

Want to build your own custom chatterbait? Here are the fishing lure parts we used:

D&M Custom Baits Piranha Swim Jig

Chatterbait parts

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      Bait Array

flipping jig, bass fishing, jackpot flippin jig, beaver bait, d&m custom baits
The vid highlights the 3/4oz version paired with a 5.5″ D&M Custom Baits Flippin Craw – but depending on winds/cover I’ll go all the way up to a 1oz or down to a 1/2oz. Trailer size varies depending on the fish – but for the most part fishing in FL you want to go big. I got the blues (grin).

topwater dawg, topwater fishing, owner twist lock hook, bobber stopper, bass fishing
Bobber stoppers to peg the 1/8oz bullet weight on the nose of the Topwater Dog – helps the bait to ride a bit lower when burning it creating a pretty little bubble that almost reminds you of a buzzbait. In super skinny slick water go down to a 1/16oz or even run it weightless. Hook choice is an Owner XXX 5/0 Twistlock.

topwater dawg, d&m custom baits, bass fishing, topwater lures
Use a pulsed retrieve much like you’d fish a crankbait. Even in the grass I keep the rod tip almost pointing at the bait allowing it to slink thru the grass with direct tension being placed on the nose – it’s not being dragged thru by a high rod tip causing the hook to pop out.

reaction innovations, tube, flipping, bass fishing, 1/2oz tungsten, boom boom tube, owner wide gap plus hook
A subtle jig alternative pairing a 1/2oz tungsten weight (double-bobber stoppers to peg), an Owner 7/0 Wide Gap Plus hook, and a big tube (4″ or larger) makes for a subtle midday/clear water flipping presentation