I went to the lake yesterday and had a lesson in when you stop flipping Texas Rigs to the grass and grab a topwater lure. In this video we go through my favorite 3 lures for fall when fishing topwater for big bass blowups!

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In this fishing video we discuss the things no one tells you about fall fishing and what I consider my cheating rig – a micro swimbait + jig rig. Fall fishing patterns and techniques all revolve around bait – whether it’s shad or herring and finding that bait on the lake you’re fishing and having a range of fishing lures that mimic the forage are key to catching fish. I teach you about the finesse swimbait rig I love for fall – blade baits, jigs, topwater lures, ned rigs, spinerbaits, chatterbaits, and even a worm rig that works on any spotted bass like lake like Lanier.

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