The rain took a break and we went finesse micro swimbait fishing on Lake Lanier with Tim from Hammond’s Fishing Center! Tim taught me about “blow thrus” and other lingo anglers use to describe various cover and structure on the lake. The water is rather clear and the main forage is blueback herring. Tim explained that the herring will eat the eggs of the bass and using that micro swimbait like a Little EZ on a ball head and slow rolling it on the bottom mimics the bluebacks. This finesse rig is pretty cool and I think it would be perfect for targeting bass on Smith Lake as well as rocky areas during summer and winter.

Thanks again to Tim and Hammond’s Fishing – check them out

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Ned Rig worm

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flipping mats and punching for bass is not a one stop shop.  there are a lot of variations and nuances depending on such factors as fishing pressure as well as water temp.  if you have finicky bass in the mats and they just don’t seem to bite your standard 1.5oz tungsten and big creature bait, here are some tips to taking more of a finesse approach to punching.

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This is the first real brushpile I found deeper than 10′ when I started focusing offshore this past May. Was struggling on Okeechobee and other shallow lakes and needed a change of pace and a look at something new. Decided to focus on offshore fishing in some of the medium sized natural lakes in central FL.  After having a day like this and seeing what my graph looked like when I found the pile, I was pretty much hooked.  Really dig the “high risk, high reward” style fishing.  You go  out, look, look, and look some more having faith that at some point you’ll find the mother load and catch them in 30 minutes.  It’s a whole different style of “grind”.