Skipping a chatterbait is a fishing technique that I am going to focus on and learn this season. In this video go through chatterbaits, chatterbait trailers, chatterbait setup, and some tips how you can skip a bait better than your friends.

Chatterbait Mini Max

Grab some MB apparel

Z Man Jack Hammer Chatterbait

Little EZ Swimbait

My chatterbait skipping setup:

Halo XD III 7′ MH

Shimano SLX

Spunk Shad Swimbait

Soft plastic jerkbait

In this fishing video I talk about chatterbait fishing tips and the best chatterbait trailers by testing them underwater. The soft plastic lure you pick to use on your chatterbait can really change the action of your bait so understanding what a chatterbait looks like underwater with different chatterbait trailers can help you catch more bass. We also reveal and test a new prototype lure that we made specifically as a jig trailer or chatterbait trailer. This is the homemade soft plastic version so it’s not perfect but the outcome was super cool!

Solid chatterbait

Premo chatterbait Z-Man Jack Hammer

Chatterbait Trailers:

Little EZ Swimbait

Burner Craw

EZ Swimmer swimbait


My chatterbait rod 7’2″ MH

Make your own chatterbait or spinnerbait skirt

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