Is this cheating or fishing? Many anglers go back and forth when it comes to catching bass out deep. In this video I show you how to use your electronics to find and catch fish out deep on brushpiles. We also go through fishing rod and reels setups as well as what lures catch bass when fishing deep water structure (crankbaits, hair jigs, jigs, drop shot, ned rig, swimbait, etc).

Want the fishing rods, fishing lures, and soft plastic baits we talked about?

10XD crankbait

Weedless swimbait jig


Scrounger jig

Hog Farmer scrounger trailer

Super strong football jig

Mag ned

Drop shot weights

Drop shot hook

Best drop shot soft plastic worm

In this video I talk to pro angler Jacob Wall about the only fishing you really need fishing for winter bass in cold water. He gives some tips and techniques for jerkbait fishing and goes though his favorite fishing lures for this technique. Jacob also talks about his fishing rod and fishing reel setup to fish these baits in winter and spring along with what size of fishing line.

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Want the fishing lures, fishing reels, fishing rods, and gear in the video?

My favorite jerkbait

Jacob’s new Nishine jerkbait

Weights for minnow lures

Good all around jerkbait for beginners

Solid flourocarbon fishing line

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