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This is one of the most intense ways to cheat bass in to biting during high pressure situations and it’s flat out the funnest fishing technique I have ever learned. When you have semi clear water and heavy vegetation or cover using a heavy tungsten weight, a fairly heavy action fishing rod, and an attitude to grind whatever lake you might be on! There’s nothing more raw that targeting these type of fish when the situation is right. Heavy cover provides bass a hangout where they can live in low light water conditions and ambush whatever they want to eat as it passes by. Vegetation like hyacinth, penny wort, and water lettuce are some of the key types of vegetation we looks for as well a underwater hydrilla or milfoil. All provide those canopy characteristics that are perfectly suited for using this fishing technique. Braided fishing line, heavy guage hooks, and a solid snell knot. The fish bite is usually a slight tap or dead weight and sometimes you might be tricked thinking you are hung up on vegetation especially during fall and winter seasons when activity levels can be lower. Isolated targets are the best for bigger fish but that can be a challenge – it can mean targeting less fish more spread out.

So you want to try this fishing technique, punching for bass, what kind of fishing rods, fishing line, and terminal tackle do you need? Here it is:

Big Tungsten weights https://bit.ly/2AcAL9h

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Summer fishing means cheating HUGE bass and we busted out the spoons and kitchen utensils in this technique video. Hot water temperatures can make fishing for bass tough this time of year but it can also lead to huge catches if you use the right fishing lures or utensils….and sometimes you have to cheat and go HUGE with big spoons like the NIchols Magnum Ben Parker Spoon.

The bass seemed to school up in the water during the morning period and I tried to show Fishing With Norm a quick cheat walk thru to the basics of the spoon technique – funny part is we also helped out a couple high school anglers try out this kitchen utensil spoon technique as well! By the end of the morning I think Fishing with Norm thought it was cheating too!! Things just got crazy and the lake showed off unbelievably!

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Bass Fishing such an emotional sport that you hate to love it sometimes. Lake Okeechobee fishing for bass can have you on the lowest low and keep you there – it’s why I love it but struggle not to hate it when you hit a dry spell. This is the first vid of a collabo with youtuber Bass Quest and his family who came down from Lake Chickamauga to do some Lake Okeechobee Florida fishing and enjoy some beach time in South Florida! We managed to tap into some shad spawn fish and had a flat out good time horsing around and causing some shenanigans! Stay tuned though – community and Karma come thru on the last day for an ultimate punching for bass session on Lake Okeechobee that was INSANE!

Check out Bass Quest https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfKIGI8czqjH74H9LLV8yIQ

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50# Braid https://bit.ly/2Ka1pE5

The bass that didn’t make the cut – the B Team from the single best day of fishing ever 49lbs 3oz. According to Phytobedo with all the fish caught we were looking at a near 100lbs day!!! Absolutely crazy!! If you haven’t watched the biggest bag cast to catch on YouTube check it out right here https://youtu.be/K3rVg2BsBOE No doubt this is the best day of fishing I’ll ever have and got to share it with fellow YouTuber Phytobedo. Bait of the day was no doubt a mondo deep diving crankbait however also got to catch a 6 pounder throwing a huge Bull Shad Swimbait as well. The didn’t want soft plastics, theses big Florida largemouths were all about hard fishing lures, fished fast.

Check out Phytobedo https://www.youtube.com/user/phytobedo


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Punching for Florida strain bass out on Lake Kissimee. One of my favorite ways to fish for bass and it’s becoming the time of year where that seasonal pattern can be key to finding staging and pre spawn fish moving in. I spent the day out on the Kissimee Chain and focused on Lake Kissimee targeting hydrill and chop grass mats in lily pads with a 1.5 oz Reins Tungsten weight and baits like a Gambler Why Not and Crawdaddy. The water is high and it’s the early part of the season, thus the reason fish are spread out and and we’re seeing so many male bass in the mats. It’s probably one of the most fun ways to fish down here in Florida and the bite should only get better as the temperature cool and fish move in to spawn.

Weather: just a few clouds, highs in the mid 80’s, no wind until the end of the day when a storm rolled up. Water temps still in the low 80’s with high water levels due to heavy rain.

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Culprit Incredicraw

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