In this video I talk about the only lure you need for fall bass fishing – a classic soft plastic bait on par in OG status with a plastic worm. The soft plastic jerk bait looks just like a bait fish and you can fish it deep, shallow, around grass – basically anywhere. I go over how to rig up a soft plastic jerk bait, how to fish it, what rod and reel to use as well as a lure mode for jerkbait fishing.

Soft plastic jerk bait

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Super Fluke Jr.

My spinning rod

My jerkbait hook

Braided fishing line

Flourocarbon leader line

In this fishing reel review video I show you a fishing reel that doesn’t sucks! The new Daiwa BG spinning reel I am fishing with for finesse fishing techniques (drop shot, ned rig, micro swimbait, neko rig) and compare it with the Daiwa Eliminator fishing reel. I am redoing my fishing rod and reel setups and starting with my finesse spinning combos.

Fishing rods and reels we reviewed and talked about:

Daiwa BG Spinning Reel

Daiwa Eliminator Spinning Reel

Featured fishing rod Halo KS II 6’10” M

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