There is 1 thing I always forget jig fishing in spring and I don’t want you to forget it!!! In this video we talk about a jig fishing technique that catches bass all throughout spring. Jigs are one of the best lures to catch fish on any lake but using a different approach to jig fishing can lead to catching more bass on the bank or on a boat. In this video we show jig trailers, different types of jigs, and tips on fishing them during spring in a way most anglers forget!

Stand up football jig

Wrecking Ball wobble head jig

Skirt making materials and supplies

Skirt making kit

Little EZ Swimbait

Tackle HD Hi Def Craw

Best jig trailer

Footaball jig rod setup 7′ MH

Wobble head rod setup 7’2″ MH

Jig fishing reel Shimano SLX

Daiwa Tatula Elite

Good flourocarbon fishing line

Mikeybalzz hats and bog shirts

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Douchebags are real and in this video I ran inot a real one. Bass fishing is made worse by these kind of people adn fishing in general. Don’t be that guy. But in this case I won and found what he didn’t want me to find and scored a massive bag of largemouth bass because of it.

Reel Shimano Curado

Strike King 6xd

Strike King 10xd

Gambler O Beast

Mustad Triple Grips (Change your hooks!!!!!)

Camera – GoPro Hero 4

Sunline FC Sniper

GoPro Shoulder Mount

Floral Hat

You need this graph – Lowrance 12 Ti:

Reins Tungsten

JTK Hair Jig

Lapel mic

Re Fuel Gopro Battery – 6hrs of Action

SD Card for all day

Rode Mic

Shimano Zodias 7’2″ MH for Neko Rig

Powell Max 3D Crankbait Casting Rod 7’11 MH Composite

HogFarmer Tremoring Hog Ties

Gambler Swimbait Head 3/4oz and 1oz

Powell Max 3d Casting Rods

Gambler Crawdaddy

Dobyns Champion Extreme MH 795

Power Pro Slick 65lbs Braid

Gambler Culling Scale

Weather, hot and sunny partial clouds, slight breeze.

Windshield Camera Mount Clamp

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This is the first real brushpile I found deeper than 10′ when I started focusing offshore this past May. Was struggling on Okeechobee and other shallow lakes and needed a change of pace and a look at something new. Decided to focus on offshore fishing in some of the medium sized natural lakes in central FL.  After having a day like this and seeing what my graph looked like when I found the pile, I was pretty much hooked.  Really dig the “high risk, high reward” style fishing.  You go  out, look, look, and look some more having faith that at some point you’ll find the mother load and catch them in 30 minutes.  It’s a whole different style of “grind”.