If there is one fishing technique I love it’s flipping and punching heavy cover for bass. And right now on Lake Guntersville the mats are stacked with bass to target with heavy Hawg Tech tungsten weights, a heavy action fishing rod, and big braid. You can do it too by targeting matted vegetation on your home lake or body of water, all you need to do is find vegetation that makes a canopy for bass to live under. We go through how to catch fish in heavy cover late summer though fall and you’re going to love they way they bite !!!

Stinger punching soft plastic lure http://bit.ly/2Gd3fzk

Hawg Tech tungsten weights http://bit.ly/2UNRO7g

Halo Ti 7′ 11″ H punching fishing rod http://bit.ly/30ihBa4

Straight Shank Flipping Hook http://bit.ly/2FWb2CO

C Map for finding ditches and creeks http://bit.ly/2HTgx4D

My Lowrance HDS LIve 12 http://bit.ly/2K7qn5U

Best bobber stopper for holding tungsten weight in place http://bit.ly/2TUKuW2

Braided fishing line for punching http://bit.ly/2Uwy5fe

At this rate I’ll never be a pro LOL!!!! We hit a new lake for a 1v1 head to head fishing challenge with my friend Charlie to see who could catch the biggest bass on a clear water lake we have NEVER been to! We used our Lowrance sonar and C Map to find structure and locate fish and then experimented with a variety of fishing lures. There is no doubt the highlight was a swimbait. Both Charlie and I ended up turning to a hollow body swimbait – styles and sizes below – rigged up with 3/4oz swimbait jig head with stout hook. The 1v1 competition added some fun and some hilarious smack talk to the whole fishing trip. Watch the whole vid to see who wins this challenge and what lures worked on this ultra clear lake!


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6″ Hollow Body Swimbait Basstrix https://bit.ly/2SQzE7V

Charlie’s Swimbait https://bit.ly/2O51bwM

3/4oz swimbait jig head https://bit.ly/2T9IbSS

BEST 14lbs Flourocarbon Fishing Line https://bit.ly/2LyY3aj

Ned Head Jig https://bit.ly/2NJFFMD

Magnum Fat Ace https://bit.ly/2JSwAPc

My Costas https://bit.ly/2np9aZ4

Finesse Worm https://bit.ly/2noxAlC

Best Drop Shot Weights https://bit.ly/2LOlZ9V

Best Drop Shot Hook https://bit.ly/2uYLqOO

My Fishing Gloves – Sun Protection https://bit.ly/2Fsi4AN

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