Stop wasting money on jigs and save some $$ by creating your own custom fishing jigs. In this video I show you how to make your own jig for any pond or lake and save some money in the process.

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BOSS Jig Heads

In this video I show you how to fish a jig for a bass and rig up a cheat rig – a wacky rigged football jig for fishing cover and structure. Most anglers use a creature bait, a chunk, or a craw lure on the backs of their jigs so rigging something different is a way to trigger more bass to eat your lure. The wacky jig is a lure that is perfect for clear water and catching fish accustomed to seeing standard jig fishing presentations.

Want the baits, fishing rods, and other fishing gear to rig up your own Cheat Rig, find them at Tackle Warehouse:

O Beast stick bait

Smaller stickbait

Stand up football jig

Heavy duty football jig

Make your own custom jig skirts

Jig fishing rod 7′ MH

Flourocarbon fishing line


My lake maps and contour maps

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There are so many options when fishing a Ned Rig but I never thought I would put anything but a finesse style plastic worm on it. Today the lake offered extremely windy conditions which caused what is normally clear water to become slightly dirty and stir up. We used the wind to find bass set up on a ledge facing in to current and then adapted our Ned Rig to fish finesse but also displace water with a tailed fishing lure to attract fish with all the turbulance the wind was creating. We ended up doing a mod with a Gambler Burner Worm and then a Burner Craw. The key being the kicking tails on the baits and creating more action to call the fish in versus using a more traditional stick bait or Z Man TRD.

Here are the fishing rods, fishing line, and fishing lures we used:

Nichols JT Kenney Mag Ned jig

Burner Worm

Burner Craw

My Fishing Gloves – Sun Protection

Fishing Rod 7’3″ ML

My Costas

10lbs fishing line flourocarbon

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Fishing lures, fishing rods, fishing reels, all the gear

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Crazy square bill and jig fishing on a private Florida lake in the scorching summer sun! Charlie and I whack over 20lbs of Florida strain largemouth fishing mid depths on a sunny calm day out on the lake. Charlie told me there were giants in here and he was right! We only fished for 4 hours and caught some big fish even a 5lbs bass on while the drone was flying! It’s always fun hanging out with friends and hunting for big bass and that’s what happened today. We even found a sunken canoe with treasure bass on it! It’s always an adventure going out on Florida lakes with the potential for big bags – the week before Charlie caught 2 30lbs limits in one day! That’s insane, flat out!

Conditions: partly cloudy, upper 80’s and calm


Reel Shimano Curado

Mustad Triple Grips (Change your hooks!!!!!)

Camera – GoPro Hero 4

Sunline FC Sniper

GoPro Shoulder Mount

Floral Hat

Lapel mic

Re Fuel Gopro Battery – 6hrs of Action

SD Card for all day

Hummingbird Sonar

Gambler Megadaddy

Square bill crankbait


Did the grind on a late summer bite with not much to show on the numbers side but we did manage 2 duck and roll fat girls pushing 8 and change. Caught mine on a D&M Sniper Spinnerbait and Donny’s came on a Medlock Jig. Low light in the morning and an afternoon storm really gave way to a window for a couple big bites.

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