Hair jig fishing for bass is an art form. It’s a fishing technique you need to take time to learn the details of because you’re basically fishing the lure in the ether column of the water – the middle of nowhere. Hair jigs are perfect for targeting finicky schools of fish as well as suspended bass that are elevated in the lake. It mimics shad and other bait fish that are known to dart and dive in the water. 3 keys you need to pay attention to when hair jig fishing are the action of fishing rod, fishing line size, and what depth the fish are focused in . Watch the video for all the details and hopefully to became a better hair jig angler!!!!

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Fishing rod 7′ 2″

JTK Hair Jig

12lbs Flourocarbon fishing line

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Fishing for bass with hair jigs is awesome. This is not me generalizing, this is not a conventional video. This is my experience on the water using hair jigs to target offshore bass on Florida lakes.

I’ve caught a lot of fish over 7lbs using hair jigs. I only need 2 sizes, 5/8 and 3/4. I’m usually targeting largemouth bass in 13-30ft of water and those weights, even with wind and current, tend to cover all the fishing bases. Color wise, it’s simple – white. I prefer Gambler’s JTK Hair Jig which comes in a Shad color that basically incorporates white with a touch of olive green which is perfect for mimicking shad and other bait fish. If there’s one huge key to the fishing technique that I’ve found in the past 2 years it’s that a hair jig is the perfect hard bait fishing tackle for targeting suspended fish. Fish anywhere from 2 feet to 12 feet off the bottom. It takes some practice to dial in the retrieve and keep the bait in the strike zone but when things come together you’ll know you’ve figured it out!

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JTK Hair Jig

Camera – GoPro Hero 4

Sunline FC Sniper

GoPro Shoulder Mount

Floral Hat

You need this graph – Lowrance 12 Ti:

Reel Shimano Curado

Powell Max 3d 7′ Cranking Rod

i got some new toy’s to play with from d&m custom baits so i had some fun and took a few pics before i could get on the water – looking forward to mixing these things up with the fish.

punching jig
impact factor:  targeting sparse reeds to thicker reed heads as well as blind flipping hard grass bases (maidencane, cattails, bulrushes, etc.) as well as holes/pockets for bedding fish – the mat rat.

d&m custom baits flip n spin
impact factor: a bi-winning swim and pitch jig to cover the flats between reed heads as well as the tossing to cover, no need to switch rods – the flip’n spin.

d&m custom baits punch craw
little need be said about this classic, a mat machine that provides a streamlined body to slip thru the roof   without any hold-up. the punch craw delivers a hefty body in comparison to your average beaver-style baits however the cylindrical shape syncs perfectly with 1-2oz tungsten allowing for an ease of punching thru that is nothing but pleasantly surprising.

d&m custom baits mat rat
features/tweaks: line tie at the nose makes it more workable in grass. comes with a punch skirt style skirt however i like to experiement a bit with banded skirts as well. it seems the punch skirt is ideal in bang bang heavy cover flipping. for a little more subtlety and overall “flaring”, the banded skirts seem to hold the throne – the mat rat.

d&m custom baits flip 'n spin
doppelganger: try fishing the flip’n spin just as you would rip a trap around grass/wood.  the blade allows you to keep contact with the bait  and gives it a drag and vibration very comparable to a 3/4 oz lipless crank.  thread it up with a booted swimbait  or a grub and string-up with 30-50# braid.  make sure to rip it off the grass – treat it like a hard bait.

check out the whole line of d&m products at their website: