Hair jig fishing for bass is an art form. It’s a fishing technique you need to take time to learn the details of because you’re basically fishing the lure in the ether column of the water – the middle of nowhere. Hair jigs are perfect for targeting finicky schools of fish as well as suspended bass that are elevated in the lake. It mimics shad and other bait fish that are known to dart and dive in the water. 3 keys you need to pay attention to when hair jig fishing are the action of fishing rod, fishing line size, and what depth the fish are focused in . Watch the video for all the details and hopefully to became a better hair jig angler!!!!

Want the fishing rod, fishing lures, and fishing line in the video:

Fishing rod 7′ 2″

JTK Hair Jig

12lbs Flourocarbon fishing line

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Fishing lures, fishing rods, fishing reels, all the gear

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Douchebags are real and in this video I ran inot a real one. Bass fishing is made worse by these kind of people adn fishing in general. Don’t be that guy. But in this case I won and found what he didn’t want me to find and scored a massive bag of largemouth bass because of it.

Reel Shimano Curado

Strike King 6xd

Strike King 10xd

Gambler O Beast

Mustad Triple Grips (Change your hooks!!!!!)

Camera – GoPro Hero 4

Sunline FC Sniper

GoPro Shoulder Mount

Floral Hat

You need this graph – Lowrance 12 Ti:

Reins Tungsten

JTK Hair Jig

Lapel mic

Re Fuel Gopro Battery – 6hrs of Action

SD Card for all day

Rode Mic

Shimano Zodias 7’2″ MH for Neko Rig

Powell Max 3D Crankbait Casting Rod 7’11 MH Composite

HogFarmer Tremoring Hog Ties

Gambler Swimbait Head 3/4oz and 1oz

Powell Max 3d Casting Rods

Gambler Crawdaddy

Dobyns Champion Extreme MH 795

Power Pro Slick 65lbs Braid

Gambler Culling Scale

Weather, hot and sunny partial clouds, slight breeze.

Windshield Camera Mount Clamp

Within 3 days my little brother managed to catch his personal best bass and then break it with this 8lbs 15oz largemouth! What’s more is we caught back to back fish over 8lbs in 2 casts. This is one of those days when you know you have it dialed in. These bass were staging on a flat near a ledge and feeding up to spawn. There was a small group of fish but these were the biggest we caught. I was throwing a Sinking Bull Shad and my brother caught his trophy on a Gambler Lures JTK Hair Jig. Links to all products and equipment below.

6″ Fast Sink Bull Shad

JTK Hair Jig 5/8oz

12lbs & 15lbs Red Label Flourocarbon (super good deal)

Powell Max 3D Crankbait Casting Rod 7′ MH Composite


Hero Session 5

Shoulder mount:

Suction cup mount:


Had an absolutely killer day fishing a hair jig on a super cold day in Florida. Caught around 25lbs of bass targeting suspended pre spawn fish in deeper water. Used a very light or soft rod – a 7ft crankbait rod paired up with 12lbs flourocarbon and and a Shimano 6:3:1 speed reel. The key was to reel the bait upward while slightly moving the rod tip in a flicking motion. Then let the jig pendulum back to the bottom without feeding it line. Here’s all the stuff I was using:

JTK Hair Jig 5/8oz

12lbs Red Label Flourocarbon (super good deal)

Powell Max 3D Crankbait Casting Rod 7′ MH Composite

Hero Session 5

Shoulder mount:

Suction cup mount: