This is one deadly pattern for bass in May on Lake Guntersville and it showed off for the Major League Fishing Tournament on the lake for the winner of over 100k!!! Ledge fishing or offshore fishing played a role for a good portion of the top 10 tournament finishers and in this video I will show you how to do fish deep for bass, what lures, and what rod and reel setups you need!

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My friend @JacobWallFishing almost won the Major League Fishing Pro Circuit tournament on Lake Guntersville and these are the 2 techniques that caught bass. Jacob breaks down how to fish crankbaits and spoons for summer bass on Lake Guntersville.

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Want to catch bass in the summer heat!!?!? In this vid we reveal summer fishing tips on Lake Guntersville for catching big bass in clear water out deep ledge fishing. We walk through step by step with tips and techniques as well of the ledge fishing process – how to find fish out deep using your contour map and sonar, what fish look like on the Lowrance HDS LIVE, and various techniques for catching bass in deeper clear water. Two main lures really showed off – a wobble head jig and a mag ned rig jig with a large stick bait. I’m all about revealing the real fishing process and showing what the pros don’t always want you to know and that’s what we do right here in regards to summer fishing and specifically ledge fishing for deep water big bass.

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