I always thought I hated shady anglers and bass fishermen that threw shade all over the place. Come to find out in fact I’m shady and I love to throw shade when I’m using my C-Map on lakes. So I just started fishing these lakes and I’m looking for any way to be more efficient and practical with my search for fish. In this video we use a custom shading tool on my C-Map lake maps to do some depth shading in order to identify the most productive water for fishing on different kinds of lakes. this process also helps when navigating your bass boat on a new lake as well as highlighting differences in depths and changes through contrasting colors and custom palettes that work best for you. So watch this tutorial and throw some shade on shady anglers by catching more bass faster on any body of water.

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I CAUGHT a NEW PB bass on Lake Okeechobee fishing with Lojo Fishing and Fishing with Norm! Tricked her with a Mag Ned Rig fishing for bass in a community area before a bass tournament. Totally INSANE the fish weighed in just over 10lbs+ and put on an EPIC fight dragging the boat and even forcing us to chase her with the trolling motor. Tricking a fish like that is not easy task too with all the pressure and pre tournament fishing going on so it was a cool experience to share with fellow YouTubers!

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