Some of the best fishing lures for catching bass are right in front of our faces but nobody seems to recognize them. This happens a lot when anglers don’t think to look at artificial lures designed for other species of fish like crappies and bluegill and even walleye. One of the best lures for fishing ultra clear lakes that have grass and rock is a fishing technique I learned from fellow YouTuber Benjamin Nowak -it’s basically throwing a marabou style hair jig and swimming it just like you fish a swimjig but more along the line of slow rolling it.

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Fishing for bass I was thinking about bass lures and the Ned Rig. I had fun learning how to fish a Ned Rig and wanted to stick with the same finesse principles but go mag style like usual. What I came up with is a blend of a slightly heavier Ned Rig jig head paired up with a magnum ned style worm – super fat and a little bit longer. After this vid I put the rig and fishing technique to work and unlike most of my other fishing lure experiments it worked flawlessly and we caught a couple 6+ pound fish. Once again the best approach was to basically dead stick and/or shake the bait and target small areas. In my opinion it’s a spot fishing technique not so much for broad areas but a great way to coax bigger bass when you have them pinned down.

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