We caught a MASSIVE blue crab fishing in Florida for bass and it wanted to fight. My best friend used a net to trap the crab as it swam right down the middle of a Miami canal. I have no idea why it was there or what it was doing. The Atlantic Ocean is not too far away but for a blue crab to travel that far is amazing!

This is the vlog of my peacock bass fishing trip with my best friend to Miami – the one of the only place in the whole U.S where you can catch exotic species like the Peacock Bass. We targeted fish sight fishing with small swimbaits as well as using topwater poppers which ended up being the key to getting bigger bites.

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Took my best friend fishing and we caught a bunch of peacock bass and some snook with swimbaits targeting bedding areas just before the full moon. What people don’t know is peacock bass behave a lot like blue gill or bream because that’s their closest relation. We managed to fish for bass at just the right time.

Weather was hot balmy summer conditions, no wind no rain and temperatures in the 90’s. The whole key was these fish were spawning and locked on beds and we could sight fish for them which made it amazingly fun!

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