There are so many options when fishing a Ned Rig but I never thought I would put anything but a finesse style plastic worm on it. Today the lake offered extremely windy conditions which caused what is normally clear water to become slightly dirty and stir up. We used the wind to find bass set up on a ledge facing in to current and then adapted our Ned Rig to fish finesse but also displace water with a tailed fishing lure to attract fish with all the turbulance the wind was creating. We ended up doing a mod with a Gambler Burner Worm and then a Burner Craw. The key being the kicking tails on the baits and creating more action to call the fish in versus using a more traditional stick bait or Z Man TRD.

Here are the fishing rods, fishing line, and fishing lures we used:

Nichols JT Kenney Mag Ned jig

Burner Worm

Burner Craw

My Fishing Gloves – Sun Protection

Fishing Rod 7’3″ ML

My Costas

10lbs fishing line flourocarbon

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Fishing lures, fishing rods, fishing reels, all the gear

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The new Bass Boat is getting some final touches and I made the best decision yet mounting Transducer Shield brackets for my trolling motor and transom Lowrance transducers. There’s also a bonus install of the Grass Deflector and Grass Shredder. We walk through how to install the Transducer Shield accessories I purchased for the new bass boat. Just trying to make this thing as perfect as I can possibly afford and these graph brackets are the best mounts available for my transducer mounts.