The New No hook Wrecking Ball is pretty sweet.  It offers options for using different hooks, skirts and even some tweaks for targeting bass relating to structure and offshore cover.  Versatility – cast it or drag it – and for some reason it just gets more bites than your tradtitional Texas Rig or football jig.

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This is the first real brushpile I found deeper than 10′ when I started focusing offshore this past May. Was struggling on Okeechobee and other shallow lakes and needed a change of pace and a look at something new. Decided to focus on offshore fishing in some of the medium sized natural lakes in central FL.  After having a day like this and seeing what my graph looked like when I found the pile, I was pretty much hooked.  Really dig the “high risk, high reward” style fishing.  You go  out, look, look, and look some more having faith that at some point you’ll find the mother load and catch them in 30 minutes.  It’s a whole different style of “grind”.

probably the most fun i’ve had in a long time out on the lake. hanging out with my boy, the girl netting fish (she even caught one…cause i made her hahahah), and schools of bass on an absolute tear running thru shad schools.

bait selection: walk the dog type baits, poppers, alabama rig

tackle: 7′ MH berkely lightning rod, shimano citica 6:2:1, 50# braid