Big fish require some playtime. Finding the right tweak and nuance means being able to experiment on the water without spending all your time tying knots. Check this quick tip out when it comes to on the water flipping mods.

i got some new toy’s to play with from d&m custom baits so i had some fun and took a few pics before i could get on the water – looking forward to mixing these things up with the fish.

punching jig
impact factor:  targeting sparse reeds to thicker reed heads as well as blind flipping hard grass bases (maidencane, cattails, bulrushes, etc.) as well as holes/pockets for bedding fish – the mat rat.
d&m custom baits flip n spin
impact factor: a bi-winning swim and pitch jig to cover the flats between reed heads as well as the tossing to cover, no need to switch rods – the flip’n spin.
d&m custom baits punch craw
little need be said about this classic, a mat machine that provides a streamlined body to slip thru the roof   without any hold-up. the punch craw delivers a hefty body in comparison to your average beaver-style baits however the cylindrical shape syncs perfectly with 1-2oz tungsten allowing for an ease of punching thru that is nothing but pleasantly surprising.
d&m custom baits mat rat
features/tweaks: line tie at the nose makes it more workable in grass. comes with a punch skirt style skirt however i like to experiement a bit with banded skirts as well. it seems the punch skirt is ideal in bang bang heavy cover flipping. for a little more subtlety and overall “flaring”, the banded skirts seem to hold the throne – the mat rat.
d&m custom baits flip 'n spin
doppelganger: try fishing the flip’n spin just as you would rip a trap around grass/wood.  the blade allows you to keep contact with the bait  and gives it a drag and vibration very comparable to a 3/4 oz lipless crank.  thread it up with a booted swimbait  or a grub and string-up with 30-50# braid.  make sure to rip it off the grass – treat it like a hard bait.

check out the whole line of d&m products at their website:

Mixtape, Mix Bait, Lake Okeechobee Big Bass


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flipping jig, bass fishing, jackpot flippin jig, beaver bait, d&m custom baits
The vid highlights the 3/4oz version paired with a 5.5″ D&M Custom Baits Flippin Craw – but depending on winds/cover I’ll go all the way up to a 1oz or down to a 1/2oz. Trailer size varies depending on the fish – but for the most part fishing in FL you want to go big. I got the blues (grin).
topwater dawg, topwater fishing, owner twist lock hook, bobber stopper, bass fishing
Bobber stoppers to peg the 1/8oz bullet weight on the nose of the Topwater Dog – helps the bait to ride a bit lower when burning it creating a pretty little bubble that almost reminds you of a buzzbait. In super skinny slick water go down to a 1/16oz or even run it weightless. Hook choice is an Owner XXX 5/0 Twistlock.
topwater dawg, d&m custom baits, bass fishing, topwater lures
Use a pulsed retrieve much like you’d fish a crankbait. Even in the grass I keep the rod tip almost pointing at the bait allowing it to slink thru the grass with direct tension being placed on the nose – it’s not being dragged thru by a high rod tip causing the hook to pop out.
reaction innovations, tube, flipping, bass fishing, 1/2oz tungsten, boom boom tube, owner wide gap plus hook
A subtle jig alternative pairing a 1/2oz tungsten weight (double-bobber stoppers to peg), an Owner 7/0 Wide Gap Plus hook, and a big tube (4″ or larger) makes for a subtle midday/clear water flipping presentation