I decided to go on an adventure to punch for bass on a new lake I’ve never fished before! We went bass fishing on Garcia Lake right near the famous Stick Marsh. The focus for the day was punching heavy vegetation and matted cover to target fishing moving in to spawn. The water is very low in Florida in 2019 and I even managed to hit a small stump so be careful if you’re running around the lake fishing in Florida right now. It was a fun day and the key really was isolated vegetation, punching through, and pumping the bait until the bass committed to biting. We missed a lot of bites but fishing a new lake is always a cool experience and it leaves you wanting to come back for more!!!

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If I had to pick one I would say the most hated rig in the bass fishing community overall is the Carolina Rig. I’ve run into more guys who recognize it’s value, the Carolina Rig’s ability to catch fish in a wide range of situations, but still flat out hate the setup with a vengeance. I too am one of those who is not a fan of the rig but knows it’s something you need to know how to use and throw if you want to be decent at bass fishing.

Threw some summer fishing tips down for you right here along with some horrible singing! LOL! it’s not always about huge bass, sometimes it’s about getting out and getting bit and especially during summer that hated rig can play in to your hand if you can find some mixing water or current to locate fish on structure, which is exactly what we did here.

Watch the full vid for the TOTAL break down!

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