The TOXIC red tide green algae slime covering Florida waters is a hot topic so we’re going to have a fishing challenge to see if you can actually catch fish in the slimy green water. With the spillway gates open a lot of current is pushing the algae down the river towards the coast and our challenge is to take advantage of the fishing opportunity moving water provides during the summer heat. One of the biggest summer fishing tips I can give any angler is find moving water or current so that’s what we’re going to do to try to win this fishing challenge!!! The biggest question is how much does the toxic blue green algae slime make the fish tough to catch. There are a some INSANE fishing twists in this video including a massive snook, gar fish, and tilapia so make sure you watch the whole fishing challenge and what fishing lures show off when put to the angling test!!!

Want the fishing rods, tackle and gear in the video it’s right here:

Strike King Square Bill Crank Bait

6th Sense Square Bill

Xcite Square Bill Crank Bait

14lbs Flourocarbon Fishing Line

Lews Speed Spool 6 2 1

Sweebo Worm

My Costa Sunglasses

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Took my best friend fishing and we caught a bunch of peacock bass and some snook with swimbaits targeting bedding areas just before the full moon. What people don’t know is peacock bass behave a lot like blue gill or bream because that’s their closest relation. We managed to fish for bass at just the right time.

Weather was hot balmy summer conditions, no wind no rain and temperatures in the 90’s. The whole key was these fish were spawning and locked on beds and we could sight fish for them which made it amazingly fun!

All baits and gear are listed below:

Little EZ Swimbait
GoPro Hero5

Jig head

Shimano Sahara Spinning Reel

Rapala X-Rap Olive Green

GoPro Shoulder Mount

Floral Hat