This swimbait mod changed the way I fish swimbaits. In this video I show you how to rig up a swimbait in a totally different way, what my swimbait setup is, and how to fish it!

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Change the way you fish swimbaits with this rig:

Swimbait options: or

GOAT Swimbait Jig

Finesse Jig

Swimbait Setup – Halo KS II

Shimano SLX

Do big baits and lures = catching big bass? In this video we test the Bull Shad Bacca Burrito swimbait to see if bigger bass like big baits.

Want to try a Bacca Burrito of the other gear in the vid?

Bull Shad Bacca Burrito

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Swimbait rod and reel setup
Daiwa Tatula
Swimbait fishing rod

Good fishing line

What’s the big deal about swimbait fishing in spring? In this video we talk to my friend Keith who loves to fish swimbaits for bass pre spawn, spawn, and during the summer to catch HUGE fish. We go through what swimbait lure to use, what rod, what reel, and how to fish the bait around grass and cover to catch bass. We even run into Tactical Bassin!!!

Follow Keith

Swimbaits and all the deets on Working Class Zero

Swimbait lures

My flipping rod 7 11 H

Flipping tungsten weights

Hawg Tech Handle

Flipping hook

Braided fishing line

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The rain took a break and we went finesse micro swimbait fishing on Lake Lanier with Tim from Hammond’s Fishing Center! Tim taught me about “blow thrus” and other lingo anglers use to describe various cover and structure on the lake. The water is rather clear and the main forage is blueback herring. Tim explained that the herring will eat the eggs of the bass and using that micro swimbait like a Little EZ on a ball head and slow rolling it on the bottom mimics the bluebacks. This finesse rig is pretty cool and I think it would be perfect for targeting bass on Smith Lake as well as rocky areas during summer and winter.

Thanks again to Tim and Hammond’s Fishing – check them out

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Little EZ micro swimbait

Finesse Ball Head Jig

8lbs flourocarbon fishing line

Finesse Ned Rig

Ned Rig worm

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