There is nothing for fun for an angler than exploring a fishing tackle store! We walk thru GTO – Guntersville Tackle and Outdoors just down the street from Lake Guntersville. Paul the owner is stocked up with Gambler stuff for the upcoming free tournament September 28th and there’s also a bunch of cool local fishing lures! One of the most interesting things I found was a topwater chopper lure I’ve never seen before from Jackall and a Megabass Big M 4.0 Crankbaits, a monster squarebill crankbait which I can’t wait to try out grass fishing!

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Gambler Free Tournament Lake Guntersville

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Fishing lures like poop for catching bass – totally! The road trip continues with a twist on fishing lures for bass, rigging up, smallmouth bass techniques, and a plan for tomorrow’s trip to the lake! Totally epic bait shop wraps up with a giant Yeti Cooler and some secret fishing spots but all I can think about is smallmouth bass fishing – will the poop lure work?

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