I CAUGHT a NEW PB bass on Lake Okeechobee fishing with Lojo Fishing and Fishing with Norm! Tricked her with a Mag Ned Rig fishing for bass in a community area before a bass tournament. Totally INSANE the fish weighed in just over 10lbs+ and put on an EPIC fight dragging the boat and even forcing us to chase her with the trolling motor. Tricking a fish like that is not easy task too with all the pressure and pre tournament fishing going on so it was a cool experience to share with fellow YouTubers!

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Want the baits and fishing stuff in the video?

7″ Fat Ace https://bit.ly/2ygYlkf

Mag Ned Jig https://bit.ly/2zlh9Pu

Lighter Mag Ned Jig https://bit.ly/2KeQtoH

20lbs Flourocarbon https://bit.ly/2y7XjH7

Red Eye Shad Chartreuse Baitfish https://bit.ly/2J6tTt6

Scale https://bit.ly/2J89cgh