Whether you call them crawfish or crayfish bass love to to eat. Some of the best baits and fishing lures mimic these creatures and their darting action across rocks and sandy bottoms. On our road trip we fished Green Lake which is a renowned smallmouth fishery that also has some great laregmouth bass as well. One of the central baits that fish eat in this ultra clear lake is crawfish so along with trying to figure out a fishing pattern that works we play around with various fishing lures that imitate crawfish, what fishing rods, line etc to fish them on as well.

Finesse jig that caught our biggest bass http://bit.ly/2LCi6sR

Jig Trailer http://bit.ly/2xDUhqO

Tube Bait to try out http://bit.ly/2kOBear

Awesome Tube Jig http://bit.ly/2lQ8Xke

Fishing rod for tube 7 M http://bit.ly/2XtMvKS

Fishing rod for finesse jig 7′ 3″ MH http://bit.ly/30ihBa4

Ace for Neko Rig http://bit.ly/2CAFCjd

Neko Weights http://bit.ly/2YxgcvY

Other spinning rod I was using http://bit.ly/30FsZgI

14lbs braided fishing line for spinning fishing rods http://bit.ly/2U98XvS

8lbs Sunline Flourocarbon leader I was using to fish http://bit.ly/2YjSLXd

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