Fishing fights happen all the time when there are GOOGANS everywhere on the lake and that’s exactly what’s going down right here. Fighting googans and trying to catch some fishing in between all the bass boats trolling around. You know you’ve let the cat out of the box when there’s this many anglers on every part of the lake you love to fish for bass!!! No problem, we have some fishing techniques and tricks to catch fish even when googans are stealing your spots and guide boats are pulling up right next to you. A fishing fight just means you need to catch them bigger and better than everyone else on the lake!!!

Fighting Googanism video what you can do to help!!!

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Fishing for bass on the weekend – especially on a popular river – means you’re going to have to deal with jet skis and total douche bags on the water. Still think it’s CRAZY how this jet ski cut me off running full wake thru a back water area – NOT SAFE!!!!!! That said we caught some bass targeting a local river in a high pressure period with a bunch of leisure boaters out. Goes to show fish will bite all the time just have work for it. Revealed a few fun techniques and tips here to focus on when heading to a local river to fish for bass!

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Fishing for bass with huge swimbaits is crazy fun in any day but when you catch a GIANT 10lbs 12oz fish it’s an epic day. There are some fishing tips and techniques you need to know when targeting trophy bass if you want to catch your PB and we break them down in this bass fishing video. The action of the the Bull Shad swimbait is insane and I’m not going to lie I was intimidated throwing such a big fishing lure but the results speak for the themselves.



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