We tested the VMC Tokyo Rig to see if it’s worth fishing as well as did what I think is a pretty epic DIY Mod for ultra finesse fishing. Overall I think it’s a pretty cool rig! The Tokyo Rig combines a hook and a wire leader with a swivel so that the plastic worm you add fishes above the bottom. With our DIY Mod we’ve taken the rig to a more finesse fishing level adding a small cirle hook or drop shot style hooks so we could nose hook small plastic finesse worms for fish under a lot of pressure in clear water situations. We used the lure on a school of pre spawn bass that have been hard to catch on more power fishing techniques.

Want to test the Tokyo Rig and the DIY MOD yourself? Here’s what I used:

VMC Tokyo Rig https://bit.ly/2W3Dbh3

Tungsten weights https://bit.ly/2AcAL9h

7′ Medium Spinning Fishing rod https://bit.ly/2LMFKyM

Finesse plastic worm https://bit.ly/2CxpbDm

My Costas https://bit.ly/2np9aZ4

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