Going full HOBO – I got the new fishing truck I wanted to find a deal on a bigger truck like a RAM 2500 and I wanted to be on the road homeless but literally feel at home sleeping in the truck. This is step 1 in the process of travel video road trip fishing! I originally wanted a Ford F-250 but price point (poverty LOL) and some other travel features drove me to the Ram 2500. It’s gonna be like living in a van – almost literally but the larger bed and some of the DIY tweaks I make along with adding a topper are going to make homeless road trip life feel pretty homey!

5.7L V8 Hemi Engine

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Fishing lures like poop for catching bass – totally! The road trip continues with a twist on fishing lures for bass, rigging up, smallmouth bass techniques, and a plan for tomorrow’s trip to the lake! Totally epic bait shop wraps up with a giant Yeti Cooler and some secret fishing spots but all I can think about is smallmouth bass fishing – will the poop lure work?

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