I never knew this about chatterbaits and bladed jigs until I started experimenting with other chatterbait trailers and soft plastic lures with them.

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In this video I show you 2 techniques that are deadly for January bass fishing – the chatterbait and lipless crankbait.

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If you don’t do this with a chatterbait when fishing for bass, you might be missing out on catching fish. In this video we go over some chatterbait modifications, chatterbait tips, as well as some chatterbait techniques for catching bass in summer. We also talk about the best chatterbait trailers for fishing bladed jigs around cover and why this lure is probably the most important fishing lure of the last 15 years.

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There is only one Chatterbait trailer you need for pre spawn bass fishing. The soft plastic Komodo acts like a swimbait, a creature bait, and a fluke style lure all in one when rigged up with a Chatterbait or Thunder Cricket. The tight action makes it perfect for pre spawn bass fishing as fish move up from winter to spawn. This is my bait review of the Gambler Lures Komodo.

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