If you DON’T DO THIS with a CHATTERBAIT ~ You’re Missing OUT!

If you don’t do this with a chatterbait when fishing for bass, you might be missing out on catching fish. In this video we go over some chatterbait modifications, chatterbait tips, as well as some chatterbait techniques for catching bass in summer. We also talk about the best chatterbait trailers for fishing bladed jigs around cover and why this lure is probably the most important fishing lure of the last 15 years.

Z Man Jack Hammer http://bit.ly/2un2YV4

Z Man Chatterbait Custom https://bit.ly/2WugweW

Gambler Komodo https://bit.ly/391fBdk

Make your own chatterbait or mod your jig https://bit.ly/3q3XtXg

Swimbait chatterbait trailer https://bit.ly/3gyOB8V

Fluke http://bit.ly/2OMhoZc

Skirt O rings https://bit.ly/36I6uNK

Modify or make your own chatterbait skirts https://bit.ly/3tV2HWe