Always makes you wonder if you could win $300k at a giant fishing tournament like the FLW Forrest Wood Cup…we do know the wobble head fishing pattern it took to win and we’ll reveal that right here. It’s a fishing technique I have been using to fish for bass on brushpiles for years. It’s like many other winning techniques – just take something that catches fish and re-imagine how to use it in order to address another fishing need.

That’s what Clent Davis did in the Forrest Wood Cup to win over $300k on Lake Ouachita in August. It’s an epic summer fishing pattern that reveals how you never have to fish a fishing lure the way it’s supposed to be fished. Any fishing bait can be used in a million different ways. The wobble head is such a versatile fishing lure and dragging it on offshore structure is a less known method that you need to try if you’re targeting brush piles, shell bars, or fish in the deeper depths of your lake.

Want to see the fishing rods, fishing line, and all the baits in the video? Here are the links:

Wrecking Ball Wobble Head

Owner Wide Gap Plus Hook

Split rings

Mega Daddy bait

ER 16 plastic worm

Sunline Flourocarbon

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We’ve all been there strutting the angler walk of shame at the end of a hard fished tournament. It’s tough to swallow after having put in so much time and really committed to laying it all on the line – but that’s the reality of tournament fishing, especially on Lake Okeechobee. There’s no shame in losing – even badly if you’re able to reset as an angler and come back and fish again. And sometimes that’s all you can do – fish, fail, and get right back out there. The walk of shame is just a reminder of how humbling this sport can be and how mother nature is never predictable when it comes to fishing for bass.

Once again the topwater frog was a top fishing lure out here on Lake Okeechobee as well as punching with a jig and Mega Daddy combo or a 1/2oz. Hawgtech tungsten paired up with a bulk plastic bait.


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Want the gear used in the vids – check it out below:

Cashion Casting Rod 7′ 3″

Mega Daddy Craw

Hawg Tech Tungsten

Double Weedguard Jig 3/4oz

Hollow Bodied Frog

Ned Head Mod Jig 5/16oz

7″ Fat Ace cut down for Ned Rig

Flourocarbon 18lbs

50# Braid

Sun Gloves

Face Shield