I like tournament fishing but when you see a bass fishing tournament devastate and destroy a lake like this it’s a trigger. Taking care of fish is very important in our sport because it means we can continue to enjoy the lakes and places we love to spend time so when you see fish wasting away at a boat ramp like this I’m disgusted. On a happier note I caught over 30lbs of bass – including 3 7 pounders on consective casts with a giant crankbait! Don’t miss the double up giant that comes off right next to the boat – probably would’ve been my PB but who knows. Key to catching fish was finding isolated structure using my C Map and scanning it with my HDS Live to look for just a couple bass and then fishing for micro schools of 2-4 fish. It was all a reaction bite – tossing a giant crankbait like the Strike King 10xd on 12lbs flourocarbon and grinding on the bottom!

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