This was one crazy fishing find, you’ll never believe what was in her mouth when I caught this giant bass!!! We went out to do a tutorial on finding bass using your graph and made a clutch decision to chase giants bass. Talk about the right decision at the right time!!! You asked for some step by step how to videos when it comes to looking for fish and identifying fish offshore when bass fishing so this is a step by step tutorial with an epic ending on how I find fish out on the lake using my marine electronics and Lowrance HDS unit.

Let me know if you have any questions about the process or identifying fish or things we saw on the graph.

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7″ Fat Ace for mag ned setup

Dobyns Fury 7′ MH fishing rod

Drop Shot Spinning Rod Powell Endurance 7’3″ ML

Awesome drop shot hooks

Sweebo finesse worm

Flourcarbon fishing line – good stuff on a budget

Best drop shot weights

My Lowrance electronics

My Costas

Neko Rig Weights

Mag ned head jig

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Had my first time fishing the Ned Rig for bass – and the fish eat it! It’s a finesse fishing technique that I had heard about but never tried. Took it out to the lake fishing for fish schooling in deeper water but that were in a very negative mood due to heavy fishing pressure and one of the biggest winter cold fronts of the year in Florida. The bass loved it! My first fish was over 5lbs and I can’t tell you how many bites I got where as throwing a drop shot rig, swimbait, Neko Rig and other finesse style fishing lures would not get bit. Learning a new fishing technique is a blast but when the results are like this, it’s something to note. Stay tuned as I play with some variations on the standard Ned Rig for bass and spruce it up a little bit Florida style for huge finicky fish!

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Berkley Half Head Ned Rig Jigs

Mustad Grip-Pin Ned Jig Head

Gambler Fat Ace (cut this one down and just use about half of it with the tail)

Damiki Stinger 4″

Sunline FC Sniper

You need this graph – Lowrance HDS 12 Carbon:

Berkley Fireline Crystal (white braid for finesse fishing – 14lbs)

Shimano Sedona 2500

Powell Endurance 7’3″

My Costas

All the camera stuff, the drone, floral hats everything you need to shoot vids!

The most INSANE day of bass fishing ever – biggest set of 5 fish captured on YouTube ever!!! Cast to catch #RealFishing a 49lbs 3oz bag of bass on a public Florida lake – the craziest day of fishing for bass I’ll experience in my entire life. The hot fishing technique: all deep diving crankbaits and specifically the Strike King 10XD. Phytobedo and I have been doing this trip for years and we always talk about breaking his PB with a DD and it finally happened in probably the most EPIC day ever! This vid only highlights our best 5 largemouth bass. Stay tuned for the “B-Team” video of all the fish that didn’t make the cut but still weighed over 30++lbs.

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Strike King 10xd

Sunline FC Sniper

You need this graph – Lowrance HDS 12 Carbon:

My Costas

Mustad Triple Grips (Change your hooks!!!!!)

All the camera stuff, the drone, floral hats everything you need to shoot vids!