INSANE 49lbs 3oz Fishing for Bass ~ Biggest Bag Ever on YouTube

The most INSANE day of bass fishing ever – biggest set of 5 fish captured on YouTube ever!!! Cast to catch #RealFishing a 49lbs 3oz bag of bass on a public Florida lake – the craziest day of fishing for bass I’ll experience in my entire life. The hot fishing technique: all deep diving crankbaits and specifically the Strike King 10XD. Phytobedo and I have been doing this trip for years and we always talk about breaking his PB with a DD and it finally happened in probably the most EPIC day ever! This vid only highlights our best 5 largemouth bass. Stay tuned for the “B-Team” video of all the fish that didn’t make the cut but still weighed over 30++lbs.

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Strike King 10xd

Sunline FC Sniper

You need this graph – Lowrance HDS 12 Carbon:

My Costas

Mustad Triple Grips (Change your hooks!!!!!)

All the camera stuff, the drone, floral hats everything you need to shoot vids!