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This is one of the most intense ways to cheat bass in to biting during high pressure situations and it’s flat out the funnest fishing technique I have ever learned. When you have semi clear water and heavy vegetation or cover using a heavy tungsten weight, a fairly heavy action fishing rod, and an attitude to grind whatever lake you might be on! There’s nothing more raw that targeting these type of fish when the situation is right. Heavy cover provides bass a hangout where they can live in low light water conditions and ambush whatever they want to eat as it passes by. Vegetation like hyacinth, penny wort, and water lettuce are some of the key types of vegetation we looks for as well a underwater hydrilla or milfoil. All provide those canopy characteristics that are perfectly suited for using this fishing technique. Braided fishing line, heavy guage hooks, and a solid snell knot. The fish bite is usually a slight tap or dead weight and sometimes you might be tricked thinking you are hung up on vegetation especially during fall and winter seasons when activity levels can be lower. Isolated targets are the best for bigger fish but that can be a challenge – it can mean targeting less fish more spread out.

So you want to try this fishing technique, punching for bass, what kind of fishing rods, fishing line, and terminal tackle do you need? Here it is:

Big Tungsten weights https://bit.ly/2AcAL9h

Best punching fishing lure ever https://bit.ly/2PNmYd0

65lbs braided fishing line https://bit.ly/2Luxial

Straight shank fishing hook – Hack Attack – snell it https://bit.ly/2LBnnf1

Shimano Curado https://bit.ly/2PN59KY

Best bobber stoppers for punching https://bit.ly/2uIIqa7

Endurance 7’9″ fishing rod https://bit.ly/2uV1H7t

Cool compact craw https://bit.ly/2BWeBZy

Best all around punch plastic lure https://bit.ly/2NuYvay

My Costas https://bit.ly/2np9aZ4

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Bass Fishing such an emotional sport that you hate to love it sometimes. Lake Okeechobee fishing for bass can have you on the lowest low and keep you there – it’s why I love it but struggle not to hate it when you hit a dry spell. This is the first vid of a collabo with youtuber Bass Quest and his family who came down from Lake Chickamauga to do some Lake Okeechobee Florida fishing and enjoy some beach time in South Florida! We managed to tap into some shad spawn fish and had a flat out good time horsing around and causing some shenanigans! Stay tuned though – community and Karma come thru on the last day for an ultimate punching for bass session on Lake Okeechobee that was INSANE!

Check out Bass Quest https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfKIGI8czqjH74H9LLV8yIQ

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Want the stuff in the vids? Links below:

HC Swim Jig https://bit.ly/2NcORsP

EZ Swimmer swimbait https://bit.ly/2KVeaD6

Ark 7’4″ Mag Heavy https://bit.ly/2LfIHHS

Endurance 7’3″ Drop Shot Rod https://bit.ly/2zy3xke

50# Braid https://bit.ly/2Ka1pE5

Real Fishing, YouTube, grassroots bass anglers, weekend warriors – has the fishing industry got on board? Why does it seem that the industry HATES this class of anglers. I’ve been been shooting videos for years and it still seems to me like there is a disconnect even a hateful relationship between the fishing industry and those of us average people creating content, fishing the tackle and equipment, and creating an alternative media to the mainstream tournament scene that has been the industry tradition. Real fishing is happening every day – from a bank, from a boat, from a kayak – maybe the word hate is an overstatement but there’s definitely a sense that we’re looked down upon – even though what we’re doing is highlighting real fishing in real time. The Googan Squad and guys like Andrew Flair are perfect examples of this. He’s been able to tap into an audience of anglers that has been totally neglected by the fishing industry. Even now, that audience seems to be disregarded even though its obviously starving for real fishing content – as well as the fact that these are the anglers that will form the fishing scene 10 years from now!

What’s you’re opinion – where are we at when it comes to fishing and the fishing industry? Is it diverging, is it coming together, is it just going to get even more segmented and specialized? Throw your comments below!

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