Does the Fishing Industry HATE Real Bass Fishing?

Real Fishing, YouTube, grassroots bass anglers, weekend warriors – has the fishing industry got on board? Why does it seem that the industry HATES this class of anglers. I’ve been been shooting videos for years and it still seems to me like there is a disconnect even a hateful relationship between the fishing industry and those of us average people creating content, fishing the tackle and equipment, and creating an alternative media to the mainstream tournament scene that has been the industry tradition. Real fishing is happening every day – from a bank, from a boat, from a kayak – maybe the word hate is an overstatement but there’s definitely a sense that we’re looked down upon – even though what we’re doing is highlighting real fishing in real time. The Googan Squad and guys like Andrew Flair are perfect examples of this. He’s been able to tap into an audience of anglers that has been totally neglected by the fishing industry. Even now, that audience seems to be disregarded even though its obviously starving for real fishing content – as well as the fact that these are the anglers that will form the fishing scene 10 years from now!

What’s you’re opinion – where are we at when it comes to fishing and the fishing industry? Is it diverging, is it coming together, is it just going to get even more segmented and specialized? Throw your comments below!

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