There is 1 thing I always forget jig fishing in spring and I don’t want you to forget it!!! In this video we talk about a jig fishing technique that catches bass all throughout spring. Jigs are one of the best lures to catch fish on any lake but using a different approach to jig fishing can lead to catching more bass on the bank or on a boat. In this video we show jig trailers, different types of jigs, and tips on fishing them during spring in a way most anglers forget!

Stand up football jig

Wrecking Ball wobble head jig

Skirt making materials and supplies

Skirt making kit

Little EZ Swimbait

Tackle HD Hi Def Craw

Best jig trailer

Footaball jig rod setup 7′ MH

Wobble head rod setup 7’2″ MH

Jig fishing reel Shimano SLX

Daiwa Tatula Elite

Good flourocarbon fishing line

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Don’t ever fish for bass in summer with trying a jig. Specifically a Hair Jig. It’s a great fishing technique for ledge fishing and offshore summer bass to mimic forage like shad and other bait fish that move to deeper water during summer for more oxygen, cooler water, as well as in reaction to fishing pressure in clear water. There is no right or wrong way to fish a hair jig. I have a couple rod and reel retrieves I use all the time that seem to trigger fish on any lake. One slow rolling the lure near the bottom; two giving the reel a few quick turns and then lifting the fishing rod and slightly pendulum the bait down on a semi taught line; and three fast reeling the jig for a few quick turns and letting it just sink back down.

What fishing rod, jig, and fishing line do I use for this technique? Hair Jig fishing rod 7’M or 7′ MH cranking rod Best hair jig IMO My C Map 12lbs flourocarbon fishing line Morning crankbait Zuma Timmy Horton 24 Drop shot hook Wacky Rig drop shot lure Best Drop shot leader line 8lbs Awesome drop shot weights My new trolling motor Mikeybalzz hats and performance shirts SUBSCRIBE, LIKE, and Support #RealFishing!!! Subscribe: Inststagram: Facebook: Twitter: Website: LIKE, SHARE, love to fish. #fishing #bassfishing #RealFishing #OG #fishinglure #fishingrod #mikeybalzzfishing #rescuedog #pitbull #fishingwithnorm #kickintheirbass #tacticalbassin #sbfishingtv #lojofishing #hdslive #summerfishing #crankbait #swimbait #finessefishing #jigfishing #dropshot #inthistogether If you love Bog make sure to LIKE this VID!

It was an epic day on the lake! I caught my Lake Guntersville PB fish using a fishing lure I made for Gambler Lures for swimbait fishing. Alabama rigs are great lures this time of year for cold water and I stumbled on a pattern for fishing grass on shallow submerged points with small swimbaits. The bass were were keyed on shad and I would use the swimbaits to mimic bait balls in creeks and at the mouths of creeks. The way I fish an umbrella rig is really more like a spinnerbait. I use a shorter fishing rod and a smaller rig so that I can cast it more accurately and fish it all day with less fatigue and more efficiency. I’m so stoked I finally caught a GIANT bass out on Lake Guntersville – definitely my PB and it made it especially cool to do it with a homemade jig.

Want to know more about the fishing lures, fishing rods, and all the fishing gear we used: The swimbait jig head I made A-rig I was using 7’2″ H Fishing Rod for umbrella rigs 20lbs flourocarbon fishing line Best jerkbait Mega Bass Vision 110 Swimbaits for umbrella rig C Map countour map Mikeybalzz hats and performance shirts My Costa sunglasses Inststagram: Facebook: Twitter: Website: LIKE, SHARE, love to fish. #fishing #bassfishing #RealFishing #OG #fishinglure #fishingrod #mikeybalzzfishing #fishingwithnorm #kickintheirbass #tacticalbassin #sbfishingtv #lojofishing #hdslive #coldwater #winterfishing #swimbait #arig #pb #mikeybalzz #jerkbait #howto